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Budweiser - Bud light lime Gripe Hi Went to the beer wind store in Surrey and bought a six pack of bud light lime and the bottom of the box was not sealed properly and unfortunately I broke all my bottles all over the place, Had a huge mess also had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning up the mess up because of all the glass went everywhere, the stench smell I was not in a very happy mood after that and this event ruined my evening I would like to be reimbursed Thanks Very much Bev De Vos 604-603-3675 cell

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NFL commercisl (2/2/17)

Not watching super bowl because of your commercisl along with lady Gaga's great potential of making a political statement really tired of companies,Hollywood and sport figures believing they have a right to spew political views during events. People watch televised events to escape not to be lectured to

Ads (2/21/17)

Why are you so stupid to stick your nose into political issues. It's not that I disagree with your stance, but rather that you exihibit such incredibly poor judgement to take any position politically and alienate 50 percent of your customers. I am tonight trying another beer. There are plenty. Good luck in your political ventures.

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