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Dear sir/ma'am I spoke with mr Lewis and he told me that since I missed 2 payments my contract was null and void and that I was no longer able to pay as I had before. I had spine surgery on 20 Dec and again on 6 Jan and had not been able to go back to work until 14 feb. I left my finances under the control of my child who obviously neglected to pay you and I am sorry about that. Since returning back to work I would have been able to resume payments and pay past due but mr Lewis said I have no option at this point but to pay the full amount by the end of this month and continues to call my job. I sincerely apologize for my missed payments but my account was not 3 months past due when these concerns began and I had every intention of paying you. I have documentation of my surgeries and emails from clinic clerks every time he has called my place of employment interfering with my continued employment. I am not sure what to do at this point since I apparently have no options.

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loan (5/13/15)

Credit company will not work with us on Finance Charges to help reduce the payoff on a loan. the original loan was for 4900.00, we went into bankruptcy and was dismissed. The company back charged us for the finance charges and now the loan if paid out in payments will be over 24000.00. Currently we are paying on 10621.06, I have contacted them and they will not take less than 7-8000.00 in a lump sum. Why do credit companies take such advantage of people?

Rainbow vacuum (3/26/17)

Mr Lewis keeps calling me and my wife and both of our jobs... We had originally signed up for payments on a rainbow vacuum cleaner and was told we could return it if we didn't want it... So after a week we decided that we couldn't afford it and didn't want it only to find out we only had 3 days to return it (the 3 days return policy was not mentioned beforehand) now we can't make payments and can't return it even though it's only been used a few times and been boxed up ever since... Now Mr Lewis is harassing us because of a lie that was told to us... What do we do

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Castle Credit Corporation
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