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Went to buy a pineapple today. Searched through a large stack of Del Monte pineapples, but could not find one that had a semblance of ripeness. Just solid hard green fruit. So could not buy one.

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Pineapples (3/10/17)

I can remember years ago when one walked past the pineapple display in the stores, you could smell a sweet aroma in the air from the ripe pineapples. Now it is a struggle to find one that has a partial semblance of being ripe, and since the beginning of the year I have had to throw 2 whole pineapples into the garbage because when they were cut, they were pure white, very hard, and had no flavor. It is so obvious that this does not need to be case. They could be shipped with a reasonable degree of ripeness, without incurring losses. Does anyone care anymore?

Sunfresh Red Grapefruit in water, artificially sweetened (4/6/17)

In recent months the 64 ounce jars have contained a greater proportion of water (liquid) compared to fruit.

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