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Please tell me why there is a $.30 difference in gas prices between Webster and Greece.

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Car Damage (12/11/16)

On November 25th, I went to Delta Sonic to get a car wash and an interior cleaning. I went through the car wash and then gave them the vehicle to do the interior cleaning. When they finished the interior cleaning, I noticed the outside of the car was still dirty. They had me run the car through the car wash a 2nd time. After going through the 2nd time and while getting the car towel dried, I noticed what looked like a thread on the front passenger window. I got out of the vehicle and walked around to the passenger side and discovered that it was not a thread, but was actually a large scratch. As it turned out, there were several scratches on the window. The scratches are on the inside of the window and were not there before the interior cleaning was done. I immediately called for a manager to come over. He took pictures of the scratches and we filed a claim. I was told that Customer Service would contact me in 3-5 business days. After waiting a couple days, I called…

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Delta Sonic
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