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Today, 3/16/17, the value on my prize cards has changed. Now they are worth less. Ex: I had a card for 65 coins every 3 days, which is now 50 coins every 3 days. I also have a card that was worth 2 diamonds every 12 hours, which changed to 2 diamonds every 5 days. This is really really lame.

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Trivia Crack (2/27/17)

I am an avid Trivia Crack player and I have noticed a problem since the addition of the "Need a Boost" helper. If I spin, (and for example) land on sports, pay 6 credits to "bomb" so I may spin for a new category, land on art category, select play, then the "Need a Boost" page comes up, I select "no" - I will get a sports question instead of the art question that I paid six points to respond for. Not fair!!!! Please fix!!!!

trivia crack (3/31/17)

I have played for a long time but you are now so slowed down by adds that it takes forever to play ...even worse some times I give the right answer and get timed out because of the delay

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