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I have bought stuff on line and over the phone for over 10 years from ginnys ,because i have not bought something in the last year they say i have no history and want me to pay 1/2 up front. This is wrong.

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electric grill (11/22/16)

in august, 2016 I purchased two {2} items from Ginny;s, one[1] was ZH7356639 which was $69.99. I returned this item at my own expense $15.90 the balance on my account which would have been $29.99 plus $1.31 finance charge, which would be $31.30 not the $55.25 I am being billed for, the grill was $29.99, I also feel that I should be credited for the $15.90 fed x bill I paid to have the one item returned. I sent a check in the amount of $31.20 to pay my account in full , Who in their right mind is going to pay $55.00 for a $29.99 grill, this is becoming an effort in futility. help!!!!!!

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