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my correct balance isn't on my card... However, i think it was use by someone else because my identity was stolen a few years back where someone obtained my wallet in which all my information was inside it...

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VISA card (8/31/16)

Worst company ever, my work issues these VISA debit cards, I had part of my check deposited to this and used it as a Christmas savings.The card number was stolen online and emptied out in the course of a month( its saving so I dont check it often).But realized and reported with 40 days of first fraud activity and within hours of the last fraudulent charge.. I filed a report with their dispute dept after spending 8 hours on the phone btwn getting bounced around,disconnected and being put on hold ect. I filed a police report and jumped through all the hoops they requested and was DENIED reimbursement even though the reps told me it was obvious that these were not charges I made and that I would get back everything stolen w/n 45 days.....I now have to send a written request asking why someone was allowed to steal my savings from my supposedly protected VISA debit card. My bank of America number was hacked at the same time, but they denied the fraudulent charges and immediately…

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Global Cash Card
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