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I didn't get to finish since describing the problem , is limited to so many words... Anyway, when I realized the whole thing was a scam, I asked to speak with the guy hiding under the desk, who in this case happened to be the "manager" or "absentee landlord". When I asked that they either give me a tempered glass or my money back, I was put in touch with their corporate headquarters who told me I would be receiving one, and that they were sooooo sorry... that was about 9 months ago (STILL WAITING FOR THE TEMPERED GLASS!) LIARS AND THIEVES! Contemplating taking them to court.

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Droid Turbo (4/14/17)

I purchased a Droid Turbo from the Shelton store and paid an additional $200 for the "GoAdvantage" insurance plan which, among other things, was supposed to cover me for replacement of the tempered glass designed to protect the display side on the phone. The first time I requested a replacement, it took approximately 1 month to get, but still received​ one. The second time I requested the tempered glass be replaced due to a crack in it, I never received one, so basically I paid $200.00 for a $20.00 item, because my "insurance" only got me 1 replacement. To pacify me, the Store Mgr, said; Hey, it's not us, and there's alot of others waiting... It's our suppliers, not sending us any...As if I'm going to feel better knowing that I'm not the only one being screwed, there's plenty others. I then called Verizon and was told there's no shortage on the display protection glass, and that they've got plenty if u care to purchase one, which I did. Needless to say, I never received another one.

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