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I visited the Hampton Inn located at 10740 Westside Parkway Alpharetta, GA on 2/5/17. After checking out the next day, I sat in my car in the Hampton Inn parking lot (which quickly turned into 3 hours) to fill out job applications prior to leaving the premises. In doing so, I received responses back from potential employers. For some reason, I had a bad Wi-Fi signal and could not reply back. I went back inside in hopes of getting a better signal. One of the employees named Mohnish kept staring at me so I let him know the reason why I was there (I wasn’t sure if he recalled me checking out earlier) and that I hoped to resolve it soon since it was passed lunchtime. He grabbed a few snacks and a drink. I sat in the common area to figure out the Wi-Fi issue. Before I knew it, he walked over to the common area by the window and insisted that I sit over there (as if the signal was better at that location). Mohnish had different intentions. I did not know what his intentions were until he touch my back, my face, my hand, and asked me if I was on the phone talking to my boyfriend. I asked him if he talks to the women in his family that way. He tried to smooth things over (knowing that he had literally just SEXUALLY HARRASSED me) by saying that “We are family!” That man is old enough to be my father! He is nasty and gross! I asked for the manager. He refused to get the manager by saying “I am the manager.” I immediately went to the back office (that I noticed from going to the ladies room earlier) and spoke to two of the managers on duty (one of which I ran into in the ladies room) about it. They said that the General Manger was away in a meeting, but that they will give him all of my information. The General Manager did NOT contact me in any form about this matter. So, I went back to explain everything again (with the same lady present) and after 30-40 minutes stated that he had people look at the video and that they “Did not see anything” he asked me “So, why are you here?” I have emailed, sent a letter, and called management and corporate with no response for 2 months. As of the week of 4/10/17, I spoke with the counsel. He immediately stated that the General Manager looked at the video and did not see anything, so I asked to see the video footage myself only for him to say that he doesn’t know if it was “saved”. He asked me “What do you want?” I asked at least 3 times in that conversation “What do you do to employees that sexually harass customers!?” The counsel also stated the week of 4/17 that the General Manager was just getting back from vacation. I still have not heard back from the counsel nor the general manager. I was given the run around many times. This is unjust in that I was sexually harassed by an employee and I am being ignored.

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Hotel (9/17/15)

I was double charged for a stay. They did not respond to my emails or BBB complaint. They just do not care.

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Hampton Inn and Suites
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