HMart - H-mart in Naperville Illinois turns out to be a molded experience. Review

Shopping at H-mart in Naperville Illinois turns out to be a molded experience. Never thinking that any reputable grocery store would display such rotten and very health hazardous produce I never examined the unions before throwing them into the shopping cart. Big-huge mistake!! After purchasing $80.00 in groceries when unpacking the bag of yellow onions at home I discovered that all but 2 in this pre-packed bag had mold growing in-between and around all but two onions. Thinking that the skin on the two onions protected the flesh we used it in a meal in which the entire family got the runs, and cramps for 48-hours... what a horrible detox surprise! We survived, but will you? It turns out the H-Mart does not abide by the common regulation for food safety the other groceries follow. H-Mart is either paying off officials, or bribing others to excuse such UN-cleanliness and sanitary conditions. What's more when almost 2-weeks after I returned this bag of mold-rotten onions...I discovered that there were lots more just like the one I purchased cover an upper and lower produce table. LOTS MORE!!! This is not a reputable store for consuming groceries. In fact, it quite scary to think some unsuspecting parent is buying food for young children to consume. Much of the open foods have been comprise with different types of contamination. I took a sample of the air quality after seeing so much mold growth on the open produce. Need I say anymore? Just pay attention... Instead of asking for a refund, I asked for an exchanged after finding a bag without mold attached to it. The customer service Rep "Unsuk Byun" was not only rude; but she also decided to put me on notice stating that if I get home and discover their is mold on any of the onions in the bag, she would not allow me to return it again. You heard that right... we were discussing in a grocery store how it's my responsibility to recognize and not choose contaminate food on display; for if I do then it's my tough-pot-luck. Disgusting to say the least. What a joke for this filthy-smelly store to pond rotten food onto consumers!!! Yes.. I will be filing a complaint so an investigation is opened on this private Korean company that is making America more sick than it already may be. Why should we care about keeping America safe when some are contaminating the food supply killing Americas from within? H-Mart also sells groceries without English labeling and/or date-stamps which is double-jeopardy for those who cannot read Japanese, Korean or other Asian languages. BTW... little do the store manager know that mold, especially on onions are air-borne spores that float in the air and attach itself to other produce. People who are not use to this moldy bacterium will be affected in several harmful ways. Do the research...

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Fish purchased was spoilt (8/2/16)

I purchased some wild salmon from HMart and cooked it as soon as I reached home. It was stale and crumbled. I called HMart to complaint. They customer service person told me there must have been something wrong with the way I cooked the fish and that no one else had complained about the fish. This was a whole fish I purchased. I am a senior citizen.

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