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Difficulty removing the appliance. It takes me a minimum of 15 mins to remove it. I can put it back in my mouth in less than 5 mins but my lips are swollen outward and they are elongated. I do not look like myself. I look like someone who has had a bad collagen experience. swollen and I look awful. It

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Invisalign Retainers (5/15/14)

I did Invisalign 7 years ago. I was told by my dentist that after the procedure is over, getting new copies of the final trays would not be expensive. (I have to wear them at night forever). Now that I actually need a replacement set, my dentist says Invisalign's policy is to make me order multiple sets of trays, which I don't need. I called Invisalign CS, and they said that's not true, but can't discuss details with me b/c of HIPPA. I'm stuck in he-said/she-said fingerpointing. Help?

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