Jake Olson Studios - Photoshop secrets and nebraska skies Review

This photographer claims to be one of the most influential  in America ! - I know blind people that take better pics I bought this crap today and downloaded the photographs first. As you can see from the example, a blind man with autofocus could have done better aiming the camera at the sun ! This guy is a professional ? Not sure that he has much to teach me !

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Photoshop Secrets and Nebraska Skies (3/8/17)

I bought this crap two days ago and have been trying to download and open it, total WASTE OF MONEY! It won't open! So pissed!

Video tutorial (3/19/17)

I bought it for $4.99 on a facebook ad. Yup, for $4.99 I bought a piece of crap. It's NOT a tutorial, it's a video recording between him and one of his students. Each video is 1.5 to 2 hours, full of small talks, idle moments, bad internet connections and trouble loading lightroom and photoshop. The ACTUAL content itself is probably 30 mins or so. I learned NOTHING new in the end. Honestly, DON't BUY IT. It's not worth YOUR TIME.

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Jake Olson Studios
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