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Justin Boots - Wk4681 Gripe My first pair of Justin work boots lasted two years and were great ; however, my second pair I just bought left blisters on my calves that have healed now but are permanently scarred. So I pulled a hamstring now trying to break them in with jeans tucked in so it would not be so painful on the blisters. Justin is saying to just ship the boots back to them. But What about my injuries ? Not to mention I won't have any work boots.

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Justin work boots gore tex (1/31/17)

The glue for the inside of the boot came completely loise so now my foot gets stuck in them.

Gypsy ropers (3/3/17)

I spent almost twi hundred dollars fir my justn gyost boots first the justun emblem fell off the bottom of one boir after about fuve minths then the ither fell iff a few weeks later u thoght well ok i can deal with that still felt ok just a little iff the walk but today a few months later the sole came unglued is niw half off now cant wear at all im pissed i thought justins was sewed in boot to sole never had an issye fir years of wearing Justins always boughr at cavenders in corpus Christi TEXAS always a great boot wtf i want a replacement pair im sitting here tryna use girilla glue just to go feed my animals seriously

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Justin Boots
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