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Store #125 - 02/07/2017 - 8:00 pm My husband & I went to Krystal in Cleveland, TN for dinner. There was one other person in my the dining area. Not many cars in drive thru. We had to wait longer than we should have for our order. When we finally got it, the French fries wer soggy & cold, my husband's chili was lukewarm. The chili on my chili cheese fries was cold & the cheese not melted. My bacon Krystal had nearly raw bacon on it. It looked like they threw it on the grill then pulled it off. I tried to go to their web to make a complaint, but it tells me that there is not a Krystal in Cleveland TN. It has been there for years. This is the worst food that we have ever gotten there! Kathie Whitener. 423-802-9256

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service (10/13/16)

This is a problem I've started noticing in fast food restaurants including Walmarts, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and now Krystal hamburgers, it is always young black females, they never say thank you, and if you say thank you they will say you're welcome, I have been alive for 60 years and never have I experienced this problem before. It is customary to thank a person who is patronizing your business.

wings (3/23/17)

Not done in the least! Krystals in Gadsden Al did it last night and the one in Huntsville Al did it tonight. Picture is from the raw chicken from huntsville al

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Krystal Restaurant
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