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Waited 15 minutes on hold. Never used to wait on hold. Whatever consultant had you move to automated custserv did you a disservice. There should always be an out to a live agent in less than 5 min. Average hold time. You have lost my business to Orvis - and even pay more money for better custservice. I will be letting the world know this.

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Bed Linens (1/9/17)

I returned several bed linens and went over the amounts and the e-mails L.L. Bean sent me. I worked with Becky. I am now getting invoices for something I returned. Spoke with Laurie and she states that I own them for the item listed in the invoice. I always pay with a debit card when I purchased from them. They made me wait almost 3 weeks to get my money for other items I returned. I do not owe them money and I will not pay them. My husband drove to the Michigan store instead of going to ups. We spoke to the manager (Meagan) before he drove 50 miles to the store. The clerk at the store only took back 2 items and told my husband that she could not find any purchase records for the other items. When he came home I went online and found all of the items. L.L. Bean still owes me $34.99 for 1 other item. No one has mentioned this. They have been playing games with me since 12/23/16. PLEASE HELP

Boy's Raincoat (4/26/17)

I ordered this for my grandson for his birthday. It was supposed to arrive by April 27, which would have been fine. It wasn't shipped by April 26th, so I called. The CSR was very rude, constantly interrupting me, and telling me LL Bean never said it would arrive 4/27. All this while I was looking at the confirmation email that said it would. Awful customer service. I'll never order from them again.

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