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I worked at logans in Bessemer, AL for almost 5 months. They haven't fixed my social security number, they finally fixed my first name (spelled wrong), haven't got either w-2, ect. Every time I ask them to fix it when we aren't busy they leave it alone. Don't call anybody or email anybody. They didn't clock me in everyday I worked. Didn't even give me a break when worked a double on weekends until my last 2 weeks there n they were at least 5 min breaks before one of the managers told me I need to clean tables.

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Product (2/4/17)

Dined at your restaurant located in fresno on Blackstone at 11:00 on Saturday. The food was mediocre and like warm but worst of all the place was filthy. The menus and table greasy, bathrooms dirty, and a cockroach cruzed by our table as we fines. The waitress did not appear shocked at all. Seemed to be the most normal thing in this restaurant. Simply picked it up with a napkin and tossed it out. No apologies or visit from the manager. Paid the full bill and would never come back.

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Logan's Roadhouse
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