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I purchased $287.08 using debit card. They took $587.16 out of my account and tell me not to use the account because they will likely put the money back by 4/25. This is unacceptable. I will certainly refuse the merchandise and get my $587.16 returned to my account and never shop there again.

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Sale items and coupons (1/29/17)

I just received the Lord and Taylor ads with coupon. I have been a loyal L&D customer for a good 40 years. but to go to the store gets frustrating snd disgusting. When I checked the fine prints on your coupon I see the list of exclusions are endless that I begin to wander what is really included what else remains that you can use the coupon . I have spoken to some of my friends that shares the same frustrations about your questionable advertising . Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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