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Y send me a bill if 70 dollers telling me to pay for product I isn't get I should be the one filing a case against u

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Eye lash (1/17/17)

LuxStyle are the biggest scammers on the planet!! I went to their website via facebook, to get the price for the product you have to give you're address details when you see the price you close the page and that's it! But oh by magic the product turns up at you're front door, a product that you. Clearly didn't order along with invoice for 30.00! I am not paying for the rubbish i didn't order now they've added another 30.00 on top for late payment, therefore had to suitably remind the thieving Bandits they were not a court of law dishing out fines, and I didn't enter any law binding contract with the bunch of toerags

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LuxStyle IE
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