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Lyft denied my application to be a driver based on a casual possession of marijuana 10 years ago, when I was 16 years old. I've always appreciated what lyft stood for, especially during these strange political times. I find it outrageous for them to hold that against me, something that not only caused zero harm to anyone, but also happened when I was a teenager. I will no longer use lyft and will encourage all my friends to do the same. Hooray for Uber!

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Credit card fraud (12/12/16)

Someone is using the number of my credit card to charge for rides! This started after 11/20/16. I have my card in my possession so they are just giving you a number. My credit card company is investigating and you will be charged back. Poor business to take a number without a physical credit card.

Driver Signup Bonus (2/8/17)

Lyft is refusing to honor the $750 signup bonus. The reason I chose Lyft over Uber is because they were offering this bonus for DC drivers. I googled Lyft and saw that they were offering it. I then decided to download the app and start the signup process. I signed up and got on the road only to later be told that I needed to input a code when signing up and that they will not input it for me. Lyft did not properly advertise this bonus or any bonus for that matter. Lyft doesn't say you need to input the code. What happens to many people is that they do their research (like I did), see the benefits and then proceed to download the app or apply to be a driver through the app they already have downloaded. In my case at least, it was reasonable to assume that the bonus was for all DC drivers who signed up (given what you can see on Lyft's website) and consequently I signed up in DC. Later I was told that I needed to input the code when signing up and that they will not be honoring the…

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