Macy's - Was hung up 3 times for asking where my order was Review

I ordered two items that were exactly the same. They shipped separately, I had no problem with that so I waited. 9 days pass and I try and call to find out what the status was, they said status will be updated in 24 hours if we don't contact you, please call us back. To no surprise, I call them back after 24 hours to be hung up not once but 3 times, I call back and demand to speak to a manager, she states that I would have to wait 10 days for them to file a report. I complained again and she tells me that apparently, we do not agree and began talking over me. I cancelled the order since customer service just means talk over and belittle customers to them. Will be cancelling Macy's credit card and take my business elsewhere.

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Credit services (4/12/17)

I've had a Macy's card for over 11 years and was told that I could use my existing card to make a purchase however the card had been deactivated apparently due to non use over a good period of time. Associate tells me no problem. She can reactivate my card. I said fine and two years later I found a second card that had been opened in my name. I do not open credit cards in order to receive discounts particularly when I already have a credit card with a particularly company as was the case here. I surely don't need two.

diamond ring (4/27/17)

I purchase diamond ring 02-2012 from Macy's (fox river mall Appleton WI). It was expensive. I had to have my first diamond replaced 07-12. then 08-12. I have had to replace 4 diamonds all together. I did buy extended service plan. that only last 3 years. the last two replacements were not under service plan. the jewelries that I have taken it to say it is a very poorly made. One jeweler said would not work on it. It is such poor workmanship. One recommendation was to have all the diamonds put in whole new setting.

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