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I live in Jamestown Pa. bought cherry crunch at Walmart in Greenville Pa. I have bought and enjoyed many of her pies but this one was my first and last one. I followed directions and pie looked great. I could not get the pie out of the tin. The crustwas stuck to the pan. What happened. Of course, I took this as my contribution to a family dinner. I was very embarrassed. Just thought I would let you know.

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chicken pot pie (3/12/17)

can you tell me how to get the bottom done as well as the tops come out. it comes out soggy and not cooked. the top is cooked and perfect. what am i not doing ? thanks Art Stewart

Mariecollender pot pie (4/1/17)

I bought your beef pot pie and was very disappointed. It had one slice of carrot in it and I didn't even know it was supposed to have celery in it until I saw a small piece on my plate . I always have bought the turkey pot pie for which I truly love ..I just feel you should be aware of this . I also buy your chicken and broccoli fettuccine no complaints..If want to respond my e-mail Thank you !!

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