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I too have had to throw out the last 4 gallons of milk because of a strange taste. After opening the gallon, the taste gets worse each day, until I can't stand it. Also, it is way before the best if used by date!

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Mayfield Skim Milk (1/29/17)

I've been a very loyal Mayfields customer as long as I can remember but the last 3 or 4 gallons of Skim Milk has had a funny taste to it so I've had to pour almost the whole jug down the drain. Up until this I would not even try another brand of milk but now I'm going to have to change. The taste is noticeably bad in cereal and with chocolate added to it as well as by itself. What's going on? I want to continue to be a Mayfields customer but until something changes with the current taste I'll have to go to another brand. Please get the good taste back.

mayfield pure nurture (2/9/17)

Second time this month I've gotten a gallon of milk that was leaking from either the bottom or the handle. Please fix this problem

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Mayfield Dairy
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