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On Friday April 14 at 9:25 pm which is late and I understand that. Myself and 3 other family members went into Tupelo ms location and told by employee that manager said we could not be served. Store hours clearly say that this location stays open till 10 pm. The door was not locked and we had no ideal we would be turned away. We love the food and now we may have to start taking our business elsewhere. We will be spreading this around so that others will know how we were refused service. Maybe the hours should be changed to close at 9 PM. Thanks for your time in reading this.

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Personel (4/10/17)

I love love your food; soups, sandwiches, and the tea- WOW!!! @ your Kokomo, IN. store. What I HATE is watching the way one of your MNGR treats the people she works with. Thurs was the last day I was going to remain silent, so I asked her name ,Lynn. She was degrading a coworker right in front of us!!! I work in retail- I waited for her to make eye contact with me an shook my head in disgrace. This should be remedied!!

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McAlister's Deli
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