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I purchased this mophie product from Best Buy as a Christmas gift, and shipped it to my daughter. The product was DOA, so my daughter sent it to Mophie after I obtained an RMA for the product 4 days after my complaint . The package was returned via USPS on Jan 3. I received an email acknowledging receipt by Mophie on Jan 10. I was told that the issue would be resolved in 2-3 days. On Jan 18, I inquired about the issue. On Jan 19, I received an email from Mophie saying they were out of stock on the defective product I ordered asking me to select a an alternative. I gave Mophie of my choice the same day. I also, for the 2nd time, gave them my daughters shipping address. I was told they would ship within 1-2 business days.On Feb 3, I inquired about the shipment and on Feb 6, I received an answer saying there was a "system error" and they lost my order. and would ship to my daughters address. Today it arrived at the wrong address. 42 days, 28 emails and still unresolved

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Juice pack (9/8/16)

Customer service is bad. Do not return emails promptly

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