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I stayed at Motel 6 is all over the country has spent thousands of dollars alone this year travelling doing construction and staying at their motel and their price gouging now Stedily raising their rates first it was$44 a night then their price increase went to 50 and now they're trying to charge $66 a night on a weekday this company is price gouging taking advantage of people and steadily ripping them off combo died and the rest of the corporate execs think it's funny to The Working Man to rip them off for their hard-earned money and price gouging crap outta somebody on a day that is just a week date and isn't even holiday my name is Jason Williams don't ever stay at a Motel 6 unless you want your prices to go up to $150 a night if they like and I'm moving out of the Motel 6 on that and spending my money elsewhere on a place that has one set price 417-483-0349

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wifi (6/9/16)

wifi in roseberg texas does not reach the room (202) had to go to lobby to issue this complaint

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Motel 6
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