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For Roku customers, first you steal the count total of each catagory, then you shove foreign shows and movies that aren't in English for USA viewers that should have its own row all to its self with the total quantity counters like early on down our throats now you rip out the 5 star rating system like a bunch of commie control freaks, keep it up Netjerks and I'm outta here and taking my money with me or will that soon be not allowed by these customer unfriendly morons. Come on Netflix, how about sending out a survey to see what customers like and dislike. Nope you either gotta love it or hate it that's it really, how about the in between where it ain't great but not horrible, guess what I put thumbs down on them all just like o think about your changes.

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Free service for one year (4/28/16)

Samsung S7 Edge purchased from Costco in March 2016, stated that we would receive Netflix free for a year. When going to the link that Costco provided, the webpage stated that the free program expired in January 31, 2016. I contacted Netflix prior to the expiration of the offer and did not hear back from their customer service until after it was expired (today). I have attached a copy of the offer. This is the revised gripe with the corrected date of March not May 2016.

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