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I am no longer going to watch NFL games if the NFL does not do anything to put clauses in player contracts and also entertainer's contracts to stop players (Colin K.) or entertainers (Beyonce or Lady Gaga) from making political statements at games to include the Super Bowl. I am not alone in this matter. Trust me when I say the NFL is losing viewers by the actions of Colin and Beyonce and Lady Gafa!!!

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Superbowl (2/2/17)

I have been watching football since I was a young girl, and I have always enjoyed the Superbowl, but as long as you let Lady Gaga talk negative about Trump or politics I will not watch football never again. To me this is not where this is the best place for it. This country needs to come together, not go farther apart.

making it so clear whose going to win (2/5/17)

Refs and the league let the patriots get away with everything just because it good for ratings and business

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(NFL) National Football League
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