Panera Bread - Napa almond chicken salad - store 0749 4/9/17 Review

Panera Bread - Napa almond chicken salad - store 0749 4/9/17 Gripe (Rochester Hills MI) I ordered u-pick-2 w/ napa chicken salad sandwich+soup. I had to lift the top bread off to find the chicken salad... saw two bites of chicken salad w/ 2.5 grapes, a few bits of chicken, & 1 almond sliver- all fit w/i the footprint of a slice of tomato. Manager "Drew" was rude. I asked for a refund via online complaint form. "Joey" at customer service said he needed a receipt to provide a refund. I sent a photo of the receipt. He then said he could not provide a refund because I paid cash...never again with I eat at Panera.

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Greek salad (4/7/17)

Plainsboro - no olives no real onions- pickled? Puleeeze! Hardly any cheese and no taste. Sandwiches are now microscopic in size. Used to be my favorite place but I will never waste my money there again.

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Panera Bread
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