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Driving aggressively and rudely.

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delivery (3/30/17)

Zip 11004 3/30/2017 NEVER SHOWED CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE WHO RESCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW! Both my husband and I were home & waiting for our delivery 6am-8am this morning, and watching for the truck. NO ONE CAME, rang the bell, used giant doorknocker that we alsso have or called!!!!! I spoke to customer service and they insisted the truck came, biggest lie as we were both sitting at front window having breakfast and truck never showed. Your promise is a joke! Our Promise Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, every order, every time. If you’re not happy, we make it right. That’s the Peapod promise. If you have any problems or questions call 1-800-5-PEAPOD. Our satisfaction is zero and the only thing they did was offer to reschedule delivery tomorrow. We were lied to when we spoke to customer service. They said they would reschedule yet delivery for between 6-8am is still up (the one that never came) along with a rescheduled delivery for tomorrow. Unacceptable behavior

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