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i got a $54 charge in my bank account out of the blue. I made a purchase back in 2015. I was told i will be reimbursed. Lets watch...

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Free Trial (8/6/15)

Free trial hung up $105 in my bank account as "pending" -- no point in a free trial if it costs me money! I called to check if the pending charge would go away, and the operator was terse, basically had no clue. I said if the charge was going to stay for two weeks, regardless of whether I was actually ultimately going to choose to pay and stay with the company, I needed it removed (we are on an insanely tight budget trying to get out of debt and I can't be wasting money). He gruffly told me that "if I cancelled I couldn't get the order" for the same price. He didn't seem to understand I didn't want to cancel, I just wanted the trial. Ultimately I had to cancel the order AND the trial. We'll see how long it takes for the "pending" charge to go away; until then I'm out $145! Not a super great experience, which is a shame, because the concept is phenomenal.

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