Portillo's Restaurants - Chopped salad (no dressing) Review

I went to Portillo's (Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL) and picked up 3 of your Chopped salads, (which I love) and got back to work and found NO dressing at all...there was no time for me to go back and pick it up and then eat, so the three girls ate dry salad...I called and was supposed to be getting a coupon for three salads in the mail, and have not received anything as of this date 2-7-17. Will they be forthcoming?

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Caesars salad (9/3/15)

The three locations I've been to, two give bread with the plain Ceasars salad the one doesn't not and the manager said each location is different, how can they be different when they are NOT a franchise?

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Portillo's Restaurants
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