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Quaker Oats Company - Maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal  Gripe Found a hard white pill shaped object in my breakfast. It was odorless and is roughly the size of an adults front tooth. I was able to snap it into two pieces and I have no idea what it is but I'm not happy with it. Plz advise!!!

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Quaker Oats blueberry (1/25/17)

The new blueberry oatmeal is awful it tastes like pure cardboard there is no flavor and is very grainy . Is anybody tasting these products because lately the flavors of the new ones are horrible

Quaker Banana nut Protein oatmeal (4/8/17)

UPC 03000 31595 8, use by/lot code: FEB 02 18 CC 104 This product continuously is missing the flavoring of the banana nut and sugar. It is just the plain oats. Our family has run across this over 4-5 boxes now. One to two packets within 6 count box. This is a loss of value of your product to us. As consumer of your product formally request you do a quality check on the machines that are supposed to be adding flavoring to the Quaker select starts protein instant oatmeal "Banana Nut" flavor. Purchased at Kroger university Drive Huntsville AL.

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Quaker Oats Company
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