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We've had a ready debit card for several years and on the 12th of Jan. 2017 when my husbands pay check was direct deposited as usual there was a charge he. Disputed his name is Ricky hobby he called ready debit an was told to file a dispute an they would check on it. That's it told him nothing else. He did so and few days later we tried to reload our card to pay a bill and it was locked. We called them again. This was approx. 3 days before our only income was to be deposited on this card. They said it's only a 24hr bless clean an would be back on in 24 hours said it several times. Ok well 48hrs later still locked an now it's the afternoon before his pay goes to it. Omg we called again they then said oh no it's closed the card is no longer any good. We ask why didn't anyone tell us plz plz help us we have children to feed that check your gonna get at ur company is all we have in this world. To sum it up they have our $1400 we need to live an are lying to us we need our money they have

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Mario (7/28/16)

I been rip off from debit ready. They would not give me my funds back from my info stolen from my room. I dont like ready debit.

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