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To whom it may concern, I visited your clinic 3/15/2017. Every year I get strep throat an have for as long as I can remember so I have learned to recognize the onset symptoms. I was tested for strep & flu I checked negative for both, but again it was the onset not that it had set in preventative measures if you will. The nurse practitioner told me she does not prescribe antibiotics due to case studies show I don't need it yet because I only had my symptoms for three days, but if I came back on Friday 3/17/2017 she would prescribe the antibiotics that works for me. However she prescribed me a steroid and tama flu? I checked negative for flu? The pharmacist was alarmed during our consultation when I told her I checked negative for flu as the pharmacist exclaimed the dosage prescribed was as though I had full blown flu! However I went to a real Doctor the next day 3/16/2017 And received the antibiotics I needed. I am not angry just extremely disappointed and concerned. Won't be back!

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Son was Sick, so Brought him to Rediclinic in Sienna Plantation (5/5/16)

Sienna Planation. Son was sick and the Dr. tested him for Flu and Strep, told me both were negative, but faint line on Strep. Son is still sick and Rediclinic results from Monday show positive for Flu B, why did the Dr. not tell us or treat my Son with Tamiflu and also, she said he could go back to school. It is Thursday and he's worse, had to pay again to see the Dr. today. This is ridiculous! How many kids did we expose to the Flu and even myself? I want answers. Sindy Pahmiyer 361-648-6961

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