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in spite of signing on for monthly emails about the cultural screenings at the Regal cinema, in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman (that I have never received!!) I cannot find a telephone number to call them on that works. I need to know what screenings are coming on for the next few months. there is nothing on the web site that tells me anything about them, but they do exist as I attended one on may last visit. Who can I contact ? Fandango chat was useless and the number they gave me did not work.

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Movie Invasion at Southpark16 ColHgtsVa (1/14/17)

Just left the 7:40pm showing of Hidden Figures. During the show an invasion of possibly 30 kids and young adults ran through the theater around the front seats and center in a chaotic manner disturbing the patrons watching the movie. Personally, I was unsure what was happening as did others. Then the people in the front and above rear section hot up and rushed out of the exit door. Many went out and only a few stayed seated. The exit door was being held open as kids went in and out which interrupted any focus on movie actvity. The confusion was startling and unknown what was occuring to warrant such chaos. This is a frightening experience. People tried to gain control of the mobbish activeness. One lady behind us hurried to alert the management and security off duty officer staff. First coming to see what was going on was one staff worker. Next another staff girl came in and appeared to be shy/ scared and left for the officers. Meanwhile the first guy was at exit door.

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