ReliOn - prime blood glucose monitor/ 50 test stripe Review

bought test strips and my first montior which I have had for awhile, did not work changed battery monitor turned on did test put strip in machine would not register. tried several more test strips none word register. bought a new prime took home this one would not turn on changed battery in it it worked. put test strip in with drop of blood would not work , bought a box of 25 test strips tried in my orginal monitor and worked. tried in new monitor will not work. took back to walmart and was told that I needed to get in touch with you. what can I do because I am out almost $20.00. thank you Carol Starr ph# 8146275439

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ReliOn Prime meter/ Test Strips (3/6/17)

I just bought a New box of 50 test strips. I have tried 4 separate strips and am receiving: !E04

ReliOn glucose meter (3/18/17)

I bought a ReliOn glucose meter and it doesn't work. Won't turn on. Walmart won't even exchange it. Some stupid store policy. Titusville, Fl

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