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Within one week of giving this as a Christmas gift to a child, the drone quit responding. It charged, but it no longer reacted to its controller. We changed batteries and made sure the connections were correct. We've done all the troubleshooting suggestions and still no success. I've tried calling your company repeatedly, but the hold times have been prohibitive. You need to get more operators and/or more phone lines.

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Zipp nano Drone (2/5/17)

Hi. I m not being able to fly the drone as it is a gift from some one I don't have any complaints just need ur help. Please explain how to fly a drone.

SPYDER XL (2/18/17)

Hi I had contacted you a few months ago and had not got a respond. The problem is that one of the propellers keeps detaching from the drone. Its been over 2-3 months.

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