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Beware buyers Plus sizes are not sized right a 1x is actually a size 12

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ZP1703020035540272 (3/17/17)

Plus size zipper PU biker jacket 3xl size still haven't recieved it still waiting for my merchandise or refund i ordered it on 03/02/17

Exchange of Faux Fur Cadet Coat (3/28/17)

I ordered a Faux Fur trimmed Cadet Coat , last month, received the item. I was pleased with quality and craftsmanship of the item...the color was sweet! I ordered an XL ...which fitted my 5' 6" 176 lbs. frame like a small child. I could close the zipper...but cannot raise my arms above my sides. Then, I complete this array of paperwork for an exchange...and weeks still awaiting this new size coat. But, the cold weather will pass before I get it back. OH Boy!...what a experience with this and not counting the cost to send it back...and the time...before going to work on 3pm - 11pm. What kind of business is this !! That is why, I didn't want to order from these Overseas middle men clearance outlets disgusted as a" New" clique clothing online for people of different body shapes and contours. Don't Order from this "Good-Looking" website of empty lies and sales.

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