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I wish I would have done a review search and saw the hundreds of negative reviews before I tried dealing with these people. I placed an order and then noticed that another shock had a rebate. It was after hours so I sent an off-line message through the chat service asking to cancel that order so I could order the others. I did get a return email back saying that they would modify the order for me the next day which I was impressed with. He said the charge would drop off and a new charge would appear for the others. I was fine with this. I thought I would hear something about shipping in a day or two. At day 4 I started trying to call about the order and continued through day 7. I never could get hold of someone. On day 8 I tried the on-line chat and got someone. I said I couldn't wait any longer to hear something, so cancel the order (The old charge dropped off and I had not been charged yet for the other shocks) 2 days later I get a notice my shocks are shipping. So I tried again several times to call and when I finally got to someone he says canceling can only be done via phone but then said send him the email where I canceled! I told him that I got hold of someone via online chat 2 days ago and it did not matter now that I had him on the phone...just don't send the shocks nor charge me (the shocks had not left the facility yet and I had not been charged either) He puts me on hold for a while and comes back to say he had shipping pull it off the pallet (in a disgusted voice like I put him out). If they would have shipped the order within a couple days or at least sent me an email saying that they were going to be delayed, it would not have been an issue. 2 days later I get an alert from my bank that they put a charge through!!!! Then right behind it issued a credit minus $10.00 The records show that they put the charge through AFTER I canceled; there by committing fraud and attempted extortion of the 10.00 Of course my bank has opened an investigation and I will get the 10.00 back. The point is though that they seem like nothing more than common thieves and think they are above the law. Not with me they are not. I have made a complaint to the Florida Attorney General and will try to push them into a criminal investigation as well as trying to get the truth out about what Shock Warehouse has attempted and I encourage all that have similar issues with Shock Warehouse to do the same. Review sites and the BBB are good avenues to log complaints but the only way to truly stop nefarious business operators from attempting to take advantage of people is to bug the attorney general until he/she investigates and brings charges. Hopefully they remember they are there to protect people from this type of activity from businesses that call their state home (Florida in this case).

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compresser (8/29/15)

i purshased a compresser i paid 198.00 when it was shiped to me it came damaged i called them told them to send me another one they said ok fedex i got the label to sent it back they told me they would send me another in 2 days i never recieved it i called they sais another 3 days its was a week they recieved the broken one back i called aagin they said i broke it i said i did not even install it .it came broken i told you that the guy hung up the pohone on me and would not answer me very unprofessional i will do i i have to to put them all over the interent not to buy from this company i should of did research on this company i would of never bought from them many people had the same exprence

KBY Shocks (4/11/17)

I purchased 4 KBY shocks for a classic Chevelle. When the car had been driven less than 200 miles one front shock leaked (erupted) its fluid. I called Shock Warehouse for a warranty replacement and completed their ridiculous return authorization form and now almost a week later I have had no response. The car cannot be driven until a new shock is installed. Moreover, they want $15.95 for handling and shipping and they require the defective shock to be sent to them (another $10.00 cost). Shock Warehouse deserves a D- for customer service.

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