Taco Bueno - Taco platters and cheesecake desserts Review

Don't know what you did to the rice but now it's always dry and tastes terrible. Also my visit on 2-14-17 I waited at least 10 minutes at the drive thru before my order was taken which would have been fine if I got all my order. Ordered two 2.99 taco players and two cheesecake desserts. Did not get my desserts which made my platters cost five bucks each. I was the only car in the drive thru so the staff wasn't rushed. Typical service at a fast food place. Guess I won't be coming back.

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Dirty Restaurant (10/25/16)

Store in Owasso OK on 116 Street, was filthy, food all over the floors, down the backs of the booths. Cob webs under signs sitting on the ledge by the booths!! Food was stale and the kitchen floor looked like it was a dumpster site. Oh and gnats in the salsa. Store isn't that old to have gone down hill so fast!!

Taco Platter (3/14/17)

I just left taco Bueno on Texas Ave in Abilene Tx. I ordered 2 taco platters and when I got home there was no guacamole or sour cream. I was very dissatisfied. Yes I should have checked but the workers need to make sure you get all of your order.

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Taco Bueno
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