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Why do you show trashy programs why you Gotta 11-year-old boy saying penis it's a slutty program I don't like it I don't appreciate it I wish you would take it off I love watching Gunsmoke and all the great shows but the junk that you put on it's getting a little ridiculous

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Want the good shows back (3/13/17)

Tv programs.Ive been watching Tvland 4ever now but having a change of heart.Too many mash shows 5 hrs every evening from 4-9pm thats 5hrs too long.I read several reveiws and people are not very happy @ all.Not enough Andy Griffith,not enough Bonanza,not enough Gunsmoke,or Reba or Golden Girls!But too many mash,roseanne,stupid stuff no one wants to see or watch.I Read your reveiws people are boycotting tvland going to other tv channels and shows that will and do play Golden Girls and the programs we want to watch and buying Andy Griffith tapes.Guess I will watch logo,amc,we,tbs tnt and others too then if we cant watch them on tvland anymore.Shame tvland use to be the best tv station NOT ANY MORE!!! :(

Gunsmoke (3/24/17)

Please put gunsmoke back on the afternoon schedule.

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