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It worked fine for 3 days then it just quit. My grandson really loved it. I'd like to buy him another one but don't know where to I bought it at walgreens and it was a Xmas toy

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Pharmacy (6/2/16)

Walgreens on 19th Ave and Northern in Phoenix. Migraine rx (Sumatriptan taken and filled for 2 years at Walgreens) with 11 refills first was "lost" by their electronic system. I showed one tech the electronic rx my doctor sent and she insisted it wasn't there. (Even though another rx sent at the same time was there and filled!) Then, miraculously, it showed in their system a day later but then I was repeatedly told a prior auth was needed by my insurance company. I called my insurance 3 times over 2 days, no auth required, yet Walgreens INSISTED on it. I was filling it early, but trying to just put the rx in the queue to be filled when it was able to be filled. Walgreens pharm techs refused to help--if I could even speak to them, usually ended up with someone from a call center. Finally, Albert in a call center said I should transfer to a competitive pharmacy. Btw, competitive pharm was able to tell me it was too early to fill and the date I could fill it.

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