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Customer service is arrogant, doesn't' read your ticket properly before answering, answers with general copy and paste answers, fails to answer your tickets in a reply, fails to apply WG's own rules, and threatens you if you persist with complaining. Should not even bother to exist.

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PC (2/3/17)

I just wanted to add that I too felt like the game could stand for a more even playing field ...Why have tanks that are 2 tiers higher battle lower level tanks, this makes it so unfair when you get 1 shot and there goes that game for example a tier 8 vs. a tier 6 ...Guess who will win !! I can ensure you that the tier 6 will bounce a bunch of shots ( I know this from personal experience) if the tier 6 can't penetrate the enemies armor ,but the tier 8 returns a shot and well there goes the tier 6 back to the garage.. I would suggest same level tanks battling each other . Instead of nerfing tanks... why not make them to specifications to the way they were when they were made , that way we gamers can experience the tank for the way the tanks was made back in WW2 era??

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