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15 April 2017 between 9:45 and 10:30pm Blue Ash Ohio on Reed-Hartman. It took 30 minutes to order and receive a number 1 combo, chicken sandwich, and Jr cheeseburger. The Jr cheeseburger had a chicken patty on it. When I left there were 10 cars on the drive-through line. If they were that short staffed, they should have just closed rather than infuriate customers.

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Survey (4/4/17)

Please do away with this customer service survey. My grandparents ask me to do it everyday so they can eat for $3. Its pitiful. They have money and I'm sick of lying through the survey every time. Can do it in 30 seconds now.

Barbecue ranch salad (4/16/17)

I have to know why on earth you took the best salad you had off the menu? Yes it was to put that Taco salad back on the menu. It is far from being as good as it use to be matter of fact it sucks! Won't catch me back there again your #7 use to be good but it is mushy now with processed chicken! Baked potatos are the size of marbles, basically your food is awful now!!!! Good bye!

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