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For some time I have visited Wendy's specifically to get unsweetened strawberry iced tea. The last several times I have gotten it, the tea was extremely weak, to the point that I was not sure it was tea. Since I drive through, it was impossible to complain to the store manager. I believe this has happened at multiple Wendy's in Dothan, Alabama.

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Incorrect irder (3/3/17)

I just came through the store on Missouri in Clearwater, Fl. I did not get a receipt. I ordered a bacanator combo with large fry and large coke. At the window I was presented with 2 large drinks and was told the 'diet' coke was labeled?? I informed the girl I never drink diet wanting to expedite the sale and not caring about price. She closed the window and handed it back with no label. At home I discovered it was diet! I'm sure the 2 girls there got a laugh, but last time for me. So petty.

Combo 2 (3/20/17)

I was at the Ponca City, Oklahoma Wendy's on Sunday, March 19, 2017. I sat in my car in the drive through for 7 minutes before I moved forward to place an order. I have no idea how long it took for the person ahead of me. When I placed my order, of course, the Dr. Pepper was sold out so I went with another beverage. When I got to the window it took 20 minutes (I timed it) to get my order. There were 6 vehicles behind me when I left. The cashier and staff were laughing about personal matters. When I waived to them, they opened the window and said it would take another 5 minutes to have the fries cooked. I like you healthy menu but waiting for nearly 30 minutes for service is ridiculous.

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