Daan Van Koelen – Crypto Scam and Investment Fraud Exposed

Daan van koelen
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Daan van Koelen is a crypto scammer who runs Smart Trade Coin. He uses deceptive marketing tactics to gain more victims. Beware.
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Daan van Koelen has been involved in the WGC MLM Scheme (ttp://wgc-Network.info“), which sold arbitrage software to people since the beginning of 2017. Further team members of the WGC-MLM scheme have warnings against these schemes all over the web used to be Dennis Nowak and Joerg Gehrmann.

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Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin- What is smart trade coin (STC)?

Smart Trade Software is an automated trading platform. It offers software solutions for trading cryptocurrencies. It claims to help users to use one app to manage multiple crypto-exchange accounts allowing them to:

  • Use all exchanges via a single interface.
  • Configure auto trading bots for automatic trading.
  • Earn by arbitraging price differences between exchanges as seen below
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We look at 34 different data points when analyzing and rating online money-earning opportunities. Once the research on these data points is submitted, expert contributors reach out to the company’s customers and associates to get more insight into their operation. Finally, all the collected information is presented in the form of this expert review.

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Using Deceptive Marketing to Get Investors:

The Smart Trading Coin ICO Telegram channel, whose CEO is Daan Van Koelen, has over 46,000 subscribers and is swamped with posts from “Fake Paid Articles” endorsing the product. Although the cryptocurrency news website recommends people do their study, in our opinion, they should also do an investigation on the advertising materials they allow before posting as supporting fraudulent activities is against the law in industrialized countries. By rapidly completing their due diligence on the Smart Trade Coin concept, bloggers and journalists would probably detect that there is some erroneous, misleading, and missing information.

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Info on Smart Trade Coin of Daan Van Koelen

Users of Smart Trade Coin are allegedly able to earn substantial sums of money automatically and without putting up any effort. Of course, this is too good to be true. The platform Smart Trade Coin is secretive; neither its founder nor its employees are listed. The following effects are possible should the program installation go wrong:

  • If you provide them the passwords to any of your cryptocurrency accounts, you run the risk of having your money stolen. Because of the factors we discuss below, this is the most likely scenario.
  • It might be a Ponzi scam where users make early gains that are funded by new participants. The original team might then steal all user monies at that point.
  • It might be a parody app or coin. We wouldn’t be shocked because it appears to have been made in haste. Finally, they haven’t admitted that it was a prank as of 2021.
  • There are further theoretical options as well. This could, for instance, be a legitimate company that did in fact give its customers a profit. This seems highly implausible.

Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin- Members of the Team as per the information in the Whitepaper

  1. Dennis Nowak- His genuine past is hidden in Dennis Nowak’s CV, which omits the fact that he has been primarily engaged in the MLM-Business since 1994. The specifics of Dennis Nowack’s MLM success were outlined in his book, How to Become a Millionaire. Dennis Nowack is undoubtedly a high executive in the Lavylite MLM fraud.
  2. Waldemar Reimer– Waldemar Reimer is also a notorious MLM leader. On his YouTube channel, he discusses his involvement with the Kairos Technology MLM-Scheme in great detail.
  3. Joerg Gehrmann– Joerg Gehrmann also is another MLM veteran, he was a partner of Dennis Nowack in marketing the MLM system Lavylite, the pixie dust spray.
  4. Daan van Koelen– Daan van Koelen has been involved in the WGC MLM Scheme (ttp://wgc-Network.info“), which sold arbitrage software to people since the beginning of 2017

Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin- Warning signs proving Smart Trade Coin a Scam 

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Smart Trade Coin can be a scam and here are the reasons to prove it:

  1. Impracticable Claims– It is feasible for exchanges to engage in arbitrage, which could possibly provide value. But, in reality, it would be quite challenging to accomplish so:
  • As fees to the two exchanges engaged in the transaction, the majority of value will be lost.
  • Due to the extreme volatility of cryptocurrency prices, even little arbitrage gains could be completely eliminated.

This company would not target retail investors even if it had developed the technology necessary to generate consistent profits through arbitrages. It would raise money and carry out extensive arbitrage. As a result, it would produce more value and wouldn’t need to make all the marketing efforts it currently makes. So, it is doubtful that the business can use arbitrage to produce regular profits.

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  1. Misleading Marketing-Deceptive marketing is the marketing of information or visual content about a product that is misleading and unrealistic. Businesses use deceptive advertising to promote goods under claims that are not accurate to the product’s actual appearance or function. It is illegal for a business to engage in conduct that misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive consumers or other businesses. This law applies even if you did not intend to mislead or deceive anyone or no one has suffered any loss or damage as a result of your conduct. This looks like a textbook example of marketing text for promoting a scam
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Daan van Koelen’s Smart Trade Coin makes many misleading claims
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  1. Opaque business practices- Apart for the founder, there is no information available regarding the founding group. Moreover, the founder’s age is disclosed rather than any additional credentials
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Dr. Ganpat Singh is involved in Daan van Koelen’s scam as well

Furthermore, take note of the incorrect national name in their address. Instead of “an,” it should be “and”. I have never noticed a business spell the nation’s name incorrectly.

They don’t elaborate on their source of money. Yet, they have started purchasing traffic from websites that pay users to browse, such as CoinPayU.

  1. Negative app store reviews- They have been called scammers by almost half of the reviewers.
  1. Several people claim to have lost 95% of their savings- People lose their investments, and there is no way to confirm that the Smart trade coin team did not just grab them. One thing is not digestible is why these users would fabricate losing their money. Why would they fabricate losing money when they are not advocating another coin or investing strategy?
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  1. The company accepting that users lost money- The corporation recently gave several justifications, such as its claimed use of leverage, to explain why some users lost practically all their money. Nothing demonstrates their claims. It’s probable that the STC team just pocketed the majority of the cash used to fund the system. Given their shady business tactics, we cannot be completely certain of what occurred, but investing in them would be foolish, particularly in light of this incident.
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Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin Is smart trade coin’s TRADE a scam?

Also, they introduced a coin on a single exchange. As can be seen below, the coin’s value has been steadily decreasing. The coin is unlikely to have much worth, given what we already know about the company.

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Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin- The arbitrage software sold by the WGC-Network

The presold arbitrage software was never provided and never performed as promised, despite significant sums having been obtained by taking advantage of the Infinity Economics MLM framework.

A special WGC bonus promotion was set up for the WGC partners during the pre-sale phase of the Smart Trade Coin, which was an exclusive bonus of 150% for WGC partners. In addition, a share in the WGC additional pool of a total of 99 million tokens (with participation from a minimum investment of $300) was offered. These connections between the WCG MLM scheme and the STC Token Sale also became clear. By the way, nothing about this unique offer, the additional 99 million token pool, or the WGC network is mentioned in the White paper of the STC token Sale.

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Nothing about this special bonus and the additional pool of a total of 99 Mio tokens is mentioned in the White paper in the STC ICO. The project is just another ICO scam performed by MLM artists with the only goal to enrich themselves.

Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin- What is Whitepaper?

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Whitepapers are authoritative, in-depth reports that outline a problem and suggest a fix for a specific issue. Marketers create whitepapers to educate readers on a certain subject or to outline and promote a particular methodology. These are highly technical problem-solving guides.

Daan Van Koelen, CEO of Smart Trade Coin- Accountability of Misleading Whitepaper Information 

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It is the seller’s responsibility legally if he deceives the buyer about what he is truly selling him. Every prospective consumer has a right to accurate information regarding the state of an item being sold. Each client must be able to rely on the seller’s honesty regarding the calibre of the goods being offered. It is the seller’s fault, even criminally, if he falsely misleads the buyer about what he is truly selling him.

So, the sellers might be held accountable if the information provided to the potential Trade Coin token buyers is intentionally incorrect and deceptive. So before investing in this initiative, please conduct your own study.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Daan Van Koelen, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

How to Stop Scammers like Daan Van Koelen?


To make sure that apps have at least respectable businesses behind them, app stores need a way to check apps that have gained more traction than a particular threshold.

As apps contribute to their environment, app shops like Google Play currently make money from them. It is irresponsible to not offer even the most basic verifications in app stores for apps with dozens of ratings, as this exposes customers to fraud and data collecting schemes. This should stop since it is improper.

Certainly, you should avoid investing with scammers like Daan van Koelen.

Daan Van Koelen – Crypto Scam and Investment Fraud Exposed
Daan Van Koelen – Crypto Scam and Investment Fraud Exposed

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  1. These Ponzi MLM schemes must be prevented since many victims have fallen target by them, and many scammers hope to attract newcomers and mislead them.

  2. These MLM schemes operate on the principle of recruiting new members and then compensating former members with freshly recruited members, resulting in a complete game of fraud. And providing the phony commission approach so that the individual can attract and recruit additional people.

  3. The Smart Trading coin scams investors by utilizing phony marketing strategies such as using fake Telegram channels displaying fake graphs and promoting fake articles in order to gain the trust of the investors.

  4. Dan Van Koelen is the brains behind the Smart Trading Coin, which was used to mislead investors. On their websites, they display misleading data. He appears as a con artist whose only objective is to make money. By duping others.

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