Dale Gillham – Is He Engaged in Scam Activities? Ex-Employee Exposed?

Dale Gillham
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Dale Gillham is a fraudster who uses deceptive marketing practices to scam victims. Find out more in this Gripeo review.

Dale Gillham of Wealth Within is a fraudster who uses shady marketing tactics to bury customer complaints.

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Whether you’re considering working with Dale or his companies, it would be best to go through the following Dale Gillham review. It will help you understand what his victims go through and why he is a dangerous fraudster you should avoid:

Dale Gillham
Picture of Dale Gillham.

What Dale Gillham Claims to Be:

Major newspapers, as well as national television and radio, frequently consult Dale Gillham, “one of Australia’s most respected stock market analysts” (Wealth Creation Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2004), for his professional advice.

He has also served as the keynote speaker at important gatherings all across Australasia. His book, How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%, is a bestseller.

2/12/2023 Update
As of now, Dale Gillham has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The award-winning book Accelerate Your Wealth—Your It’s Money, Your Decision! is also written by him. Dale has worked in the investment industry for more than 30 years in a variety of capacities, including banking, financial planning, share market teaching, and professional trading. Dale excels at inspiring others to reach their financial objectives. He also excels as a teacher and technically proficient investment manager.

Ex-Employee Exposes Wealth Within and Dale Gillham:

Dale Gillham

Although she is aware that posting this blog won’t help all the people who have lost money due to the sly and cunning Wealth Within marketing team, she holds out hope that it will help prevent new people from falling prey to Wealth Within and its deceptive practices.

She worked in marketing at Wealth Within for two years, and she must acknowledge, she was complicit in the fraud.

While working at Dale Gillham’s company, she saw firsthand the deceptive marketing strategies used to seduce uninformed clients by portraying Wealth Within as the gold standard in investment.

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The truth is rather different. They are nothing more than a masterfully planned scam that collects money from victims and provides them with a shoddy trading course filled with irrelevant, inferior, and out-of-date information. If a client questions the value of the service, they will repeatedly humiliate them, bully them, and make them feel foolish until they give up and leave.

You run the possibility of facing legal action if you try to speak up or get your money back, as well as losing more money in court battles. During her two years working at Wealth Within, she had the opportunity to see what was beneath the artfully crafted façade of the company.

They’ll undoubtedly figure out who she is and try to quiet her, but maybe before they use their deft legal strategies to get this material removed, a person or two will be spared from paying their money to Wealth Within in error.

Dale Gillham is deceptive in certain ways. He is the result of a skilled marketing team. He employs deft Search Engine Optimization strategies to manage the internet reviews of his business and himself. When she joined Wealth Within, one of her first tasks was to assist in clearing up the numerous negative comments that clients had made about the company and their terrible customer service.

Dale Gillham warned her that a few disgruntled clients were making a lot of noise and unless they stopped, they would lose their jobs because they would harm the firm’s reputation and stop bringing in new clients. The truth was rather different. Most Wealth Within customers were dissatisfied. Time and money were wasted on the course. They don’t provide any actual assistance, and even if you manage to finish the program, it’s unlikely that any of their teachings will enable you to make any form of revenue.

They impart outmoded strategies that are effective only in bullish markets and fundamental ideas that can be found by conducting a quick google search on stock market investing. All criticism is treated with contempt. They’ll merely advise you to review the content again, blame you for your lack of understanding, or just keep sending you pointless information until you give up and leave. The strategy is to gorge individuals on junk food until they become exhausted and give up, at which point they will blame their incapacity. Not at all. This tactic has been carefully considered. They go via trade and investment forums to discover potential customers.

They employ fictitious usernames to appear to be regular persons or independent investors while searching for naive investors. They will jump on the discussion topic and start selling if someone asks about investing with a specific financial advisor, a specific investment, or a different course.

They begin by informing you that the investment you are considering is bad based on their own experience. The fun begins after you thank them for saving your money. They will often receive your private email or private message after some back and forth. They would begin by bragging about all of their achievements before revealing that Wealth Within is what they are employing.

You choose to join Wealth Within since you believe them to be your new best friend. The sting has ended. They most likely talked you out of a worthwhile course or wise investment to direct you towards Wealth Within’s substandard product, which is just a collection of elementary lessons presented as a course. They will charge you hundreds of dollars for the right to waste your time on it. They make it appear more difficult than it is, which leads to people giving up and paying Wealth Within more money to manage their finances instead.

To control what people see when they search for Wealth Within on Google, they must spend tens of thousands of dollars on SEO. She came to understand that there were many disgruntled clients as she continued to work there.

She concluded that Wealth Within is a complete waste of time and money after two years. It is merely a collection of out-of-date principles being taught by a group of unqualified salespeople who have no genuine aptitude for or interest in stock market trading.

She left after two years and expressed regret that she had stayed for so long, but Dale Gillham is incredibly persuasive and always has an excuse.

He enjoys rewarding staff with large bonuses to keep them quiet, but when she was truly honest with herself, she understood that no amount of money could make robbing people blindly acceptable. She needed to leave.

They are already in the process of developing the next frontman as they expose Dale Gillham. Blake Sterling is Wealth Within’s newest, supposedly up-and-coming share market expert. They have been attempting to portray Blake Sterling as a sophisticated investor with the help of the marketing staff.

Anyone who has worked with Blake before will understand what a challenging task this is. Blake Sterling is neither a seasoned investor nor a successful trader.

However, there are certain ways in which Dale Gillham can be deceptive. It is believed that his success is due to the efforts of a skilled marketing team. He also uses clever Search Engine Optimization techniques to control the online reviews of his business and personal reputation. 

Blake Sterling is nothing more than a sleazy salesman. Sorry Dale, but in addition to ranting about how useless your goods are to anybody who will listen, she will also criticize the businesses you defame by exposing the system Wealth Within employs to post dozens of false users on forums as disgruntled customers of those businesses.

The staff at Wealth Within treats taking peoples’ money and providing them almost little in return as a sport, which is terrible enough.

They devote their entire day to luring in unwary investors using a variety of cunning tricks and dishonest techniques.

Blake Sterling and his group like impersonating regular members while trolling on financial and investment forums.

For instance, if someone inquires about Metastock, he befriends them and informs them of how terrible Metastock is and how he has personally experienced its shortcomings. Once he has them hooked, he proceeds to inform them about this great course from Wealth Within that is the only way to go.

The customer then registers. The worst thing is that Blake Sterling, who used to be the Wealth Within representative that would call them, would be well aware of them from his online interactions and would know precisely what to say to sign them up. Regardless of the website you’re on or the product you’re interested in, you can be sure that Blake Sterling and Dale Gillham have at least five phony user profiles waiting to join and convince you that Wealth Within is the only solution.

If you asked someone if Mother Theresa was a nice person, they would gladly disparage her, telling you that Blake Sterling and Dale Gillham are the actual saints and much kinder people.

You can notice how fake the search results are if you google them.

Nothing but self-promotion and stuff they produced themselves appear on the first ten pages, stifling the truth that is buried deep within Google. The reality about Wealth Within, which they spend thousands of dollars on and have a team of people striving to keep secret, may be found if you look long enough.

The champion of the people, Wealth Within If it’s not Wealth Within, we’re pleased to tell you what a terrible investment it is, but the truth can be found past the first few pages of Google, which is inconvenient for the conceited and dishonest Wealth Within sellers. Actual consumers of Wealth Within have expressed their dissatisfaction with the program, explaining how it wasted their time, made them frustrated, and cost them thousands of dollars.

These individuals talk about how Wealth Within has misled them, treated them poorly, and lied to them. When they dare to complain to the internet community, Wealth Within attacks them. The Wealth Within staff starts to act rudely at this point.

They will joyfully disparage every available trading course, but when one of their customers criticizes theirs, they attack them with legal threats. Legal threats to have the content removed or face prosecution are repeatedly directed at the person, the website, and the search engine. Wealth Within might have a decent product worth promoting if it spent half the money it spends on protecting and establishing its false reputation on actually improving its service or educating its clients. Instead, they have perfected the art of deceiving people into making investments in their business.

In the last, she suggested to try it: writing about any kind of trading course on a forum for investors. You can even invent a course that doesn’t exist. Within a day, someone will complain that they tried it and it wasn’t any good. After a few months of getting to know you, they will become your new buddy and eventually introduce you to the Wealth Within network.

Avoid Wealth Within and Blake Sterling, Dale Gillham, and their crew of internet swindlers and false spinners at all costs if you want to do yourself a favor. Wealth Within is nothing more than an out-of-date course delivered by careless people. Stay away from becoming the next large fish they capture for thousands of dollars and display on their sales wall.

Dale Gillham – Is He Engaged in Scam Activities? Ex-Employee Exposed?
Dale Gillham – Is He Engaged in Scam Activities? Ex-Employee Exposed?

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  1. The only thing you can do for saving your money is to avoid Wealth Within.

  2. The company is wasting its customer’s time and money and making a profit on the verge of fake knowledge. This is also a business of attracting customers and then providing the non-sense and information that is not anymore in use.

  3. The courses provided by them are completely outdated and also the company is misleading their users by faking their knowledge.

  4. My only suggestion to investors is not to invest with these scammers, he is making their users regret investing with them.

  5. Make these scammers feel their mistake and cancel their registration for scamming their people. The company is in the market for a long time and scamming its users, to avoid Dale Gillham and his ventures.

  6. My friend has lost a huge amount after investing in these companies.

  7. This is the main problem with the restrictions and security plans of the government they aren’t awarded to these fraudulent companies and never. They should ban these scammers from diverting their users and fooling them.

  8. The only people who can help others from being aware of these scams are the employers of the company itself.

  9. Make these fraudsters suffer for making their users get the least services and making them a part of this nefarious company. This is the best thing that one of the employees tried to expose him.

  10. This man is using a team of fake review writers to post positive views on the company’s site.

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