Damian Breen: Is He a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Damian Breen: Is He a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2023)
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Damian Breen has received allegations of being a bigot. Are they true? Find out the reality in this review.

Damian Breen made things worse for himself after being rude, rudeness is something that could have been avoided. Have you too encountered any rude official and could not reply back because of his designation? If yes, then you too would raise your voice against Damian Breen. Damian Breen (white), who has been captured by a security camera, insulting an on-duty security officer (black). 

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Senior Official at Bay Area Air District Steps Down Following Alleged Racist, Sexist Incident | KQED

Damian Breen with other officials

The Case: Damian Breen Accused Of Toxic Vexation

Oct 5, 2022, the senior executive at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Damian Breen was captured in a video clip, arguing and insulting a security employee, for merely asking a security check from the guest of Damian Breen. However, when the representative of Bay Area Air Quality was asked about it, he said that they do not provide personal information of officials.

The only thing confirmed by the representative was that Damian Breen went on a paid leave after October 5. Also, it needs to be noted that Damian Breen retired after 4 months of the incident on January 13. 

The Incident: Damian Breen Exploded At The Security Officials?

A request obtained by the California Public Records Act, states that the senior executive at the Bay Area Quality management passed a sexiest and racist slur, out of mere arrogance. The security officials working as a security guard for the Bay Area Metro Center, asserts that, during a normal security check, she had to ‘I don’t have time for this, you black bit**’ by the prestigious executive of Bay Air, Damian Breen.

The Claims: “I Don’t Have Time For This, You Black Bit**”, A Remark Made By Damian Breen?

According to the authentic documents, the security firm officials serving Bay Area Metro Center came across an unusual but prevalent VVIP culture. The penned incident in the document states that, the security guards encountered Damian Breen with an unidentified woman. 

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Both the individuals were walking down the security check, when the clock struck 3 in the afternoon. As the security was doing its duty, they asked the lady to provide her badge or security verification to the security officer. In response, Damian Breen proffered his badge, and acclaimed, ‘She’s with me’.

After which Breen, and the lady continued the walk, ignoring the fact that the security refused to take the badge of Damian Breen, for the safety inspection. However, the security director noticed the incident and interrupted, for the sake of his accountability. The director asked the unidentified lady to proceed only after the security check at the first floor.

Past which, the security director was questioned back by Damian Breen, and Breen asked, “…who the hell are you to tell me anything?”. Further, the security continued to restrict the passage of the lady and again requested her to go for a proper security check.

Hence, the lady made a move to take a leave, and started moving away, saying that she shall move from there. Meanwhile, the director asked the name of the executive, for Damian Breen, when the executive lost his temper and arrogantly replied, “I don’t have time for this your black bitch’’ and started moving again to the hallway. 

The security explains that the comment was made arrogantly and exceptionally rudely. Resulting in an official email describing the entire incident, to the head of human resources, of the air district firm. However, after being aware of the whole incident, there is one more thing that you must be aware of and that is the corporate structure of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Bay Area Air Quality: The Firm Aligned With Damian Breen

Bay Area Air Quality is an environmental firm that regulates air quality in the Bay area. But in recent times the environment friendly firm has become quite ‘less friendly’. Most of the senior officials of the firm are not board for past few months and the reason behind the absence is not explicit, in the public domain (https://www.baaqmd.gov/)

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In recent times, it has been noted that the Chief Financial officer, Jeff Mckay was fired by the Bay Area. The firm was still dealing with the absence of its Chief Financer, when Rex Sanders went on a paid leave. Adding to the list, Jack Broadbent (district’s trusted executive officer) and Brian Bunger (agency’s top lawyer), also left the firm in June & January respectively, as per their retirement.

The thing that’s worth pondering here is that all the exits took place near the incident of Oct 5. However, it might be a mere coincidence. Asking about the accusations on Damian Breen, the media interrogated the district, but the ‘Bay Area Air Quality’ representatives have avoided making comments on the ‘personal life’ of Damian Breen. 

Moreover, ironically, the district also claims that it has been supporting racial justice and established an Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. According to this establishment, the air district is committed to “zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination and harassment.”

Anyways, irrespective of all the claims and counterclaims, one thing that has emerged out as certain is the fact that the organization definitely has major concerns about its goodwill and its employees at the same time. In order to reach the depths of the tender affinity of the firm towards its employees, we must be well aware of the controversial persona, Damian Breen. 

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Damian Breen: The Man Accused

Damian Breen is the managing partner associated with Environmental Communication Strategies and Institute of Technology (Sligo). Damian Breen has worked with the Bay Area Air Quality for 24 years, and helped the environmental firm with his 29 years of experience in the field of management (https://www.linkedin.com/in/damian-breen/).

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Damian Breen is known for providing expert assistance to governments, businesses, and communities. Damian Breen has specifically worked in the arenas of environmental solutions, technology assessment, crisis communications, and funding incentives. His work and expertise has been recognized by all, and that is the reason he has made a special place in the corporate world. 

Furthermore, the grieving part is, Damian Breen, the actually talented management professional, serving the system since ages has been seen passing sexist and racial comments. Although the video clip had no audio, people believe that all of it was initiated by the arrogance of Damian. However, the case is still under consideration and the legal concluding statement is yet awaited. 


Did You Know? Damian Breen was one of the main voices in the Valero’s Benicia case, where the Air district disclosed that the mentioned organization was a cause of excessive release of hazardous chemicals for 15 years and Damian Breen is only the man accused by a black security officer. 

What do you conclude from it? Well! If the author was you, the concluding statement would read that a person can react differently to varying scenarios and hence one should not be judgemental about anyone. And the author would have agreed to it, but now, there is something more to add on. 

Yes, a person and his conduct cannot be civilized all the time. People make comments out of anger and rage, but the speech shall not be sharp as a sword to slit the self-respect of someone. Also, when a man with such high intellect utters insulting words to others, he sets an example for the rest of the world.

Being black, being a woman, being law-abiding, has never been easy and comments like ‘you black….’ are proof of it. Something that signifies that somewhere subconsciously the higher-grade executives are still trapped with such thoughts. 

Hence, all that must be assured, after this case is, ‘the removal of such slurs in our day-to-day life’. So, if any day you get angry with your subordinate or some individual, the one thing that must be guaranteed is, not making such remarks. Till then let’s wait for the legal conclusion of the case. 

Damian Breen: Is He a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Damian Breen: Is He a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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