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Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a fake guru who lies about everything just to sell exorbitant services & programs. Review this scammer here on Gripeo.
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The internet has helped many people in building successful businesses and increasing their income. But it has also helped scammers in reaching more people. As the market has too many people claiming to help you ‘get rich, it gets hard to distinguish, which one is legit. One such marketer that has entered the spotlight is Dan Lok. He is a liar, a scammer, and everything else which constitutes a FRAUD. He lies with confidence and he lies so many times that one might begin to wonder if he ever tells the truth.

How do I know that he’s a liar?

I made the foolish mistake of buying one of his courses. He is a retarded baboon who doesn’t have an idea of how to even market his brand. He has recently entered the market. Like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, he also wants to make a name for himself.
What he doesn’t realize is the fact that people can see if you’re a liar or not. Repeating a lie hundreds of times doesn’t change the truth. People can see who is legit and who is not. I am telling you, Dan Lok is a scam. Not only me, but numerous other people also think that they wasted their money on buying this guy’s worthless courses. I made the mistake of getting his books because I didn’t know if he was legit or not. At that time, Dan Lok wasn’t that popular. And you don’t expect to get a ton of trash packaged in a book.

Taking Dan Lok’s course was just like reading the views of an 8-year old. He doesn’t know when to stop and he doesn’t know what to say.

I am urging you to stay away from this scammer because he doesn’t have just one scheme to steal your money. No, he has many ways to get money out of your pocket, so he can shoot videos of himself driving luxurious cars and talking about sales. If Dan Lok really had any idea of sales, he wouldn’t be selling trash-packed books.

He claims to be a copywriter before becoming a marketer. Ask a professional copywriter how his website’s copy is, and you’ll get to see how good a copywriter Dan really is. This guy has taken money from thousands of people in the name of financial coaching and personal development. The value those guys received is null. I am one of those guys too and I hate this fact. Dan Lok is nothing but a self-centered, idiotic scammer who keeps lying to everyone else.

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Who is Dan Lok?

A Little Background Check

Dan Lok claims to be an expert marketer and gives a ‘rags to riches story’ about his climb. His web of lies starts from here. On his website, he talks about himself as a guy who came from humble beginnings and made it big after facing a lot of hurdles.
He has a generic story to share with you and everyone else. It’s important that you know about this story so you can spot a scammer in the future. I can’t believe I fell for this story. If I had a little idea about Dan’s lies and scams I wouldn’t have wasted my money buying this guy’s crap.

He was born in Hong Kong and his parents moved to Canada when he was 14. His father stayed in Hong Kong, He adds that his mother faced many hardships in raising him due to the poor financial condition.

He further says that his father wasn’t able to send money to him and his mom. So they lived poorly. He got a job in a grocery store and later, he dropped out of college. Why did he drop out when his mother was facing so many hardships?
That’s because he found his mentor, Alan Jacques.

All of this seems legit. There are no plot holes whatsoever apart from the fact that he doesn’t mention any specific detail. Where did he use to live? Where is his father now? Where was he born in Hong Kong? In what year was he born?
He has left out these details which make his bio a little vague. But the best part comes after he mentions his meeting with his mentor.

He started and failed in 13 business ventures!! 13!!

That’s a lot of business ventures. I wonder where did he get that much money or was he too dumb to run any one of these? He failed at this many businesses and then all of a sudden, he got successful. And he got this success through internet marketing.
Nothing specific again, which raises some other red flags, like what kind of marketing did he do and whose marketing? No, he just states that he started internet marketing and started earning big bucks.

I don’t know what to believe anymore. His success, according to the facts, started when he started running scams. His achievement? Owning a YouTube channel and a coaching company that helps people close deals. He doesn’t have anything special to share about his achievements.

Dan Lok can’t give proofs of his claims. He says he has been featured on NBC and Fox News but there are no shreds of evidence of the same. He is a two times TEDx speaker and he’s proud of that.

Remember, TEDx is different from TED. TEDx is an independent event. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you find out that Dan actually scammed the hosts of that event for some publicity.

He is a great liar I can tell you that. But is he worth your money? No, he has cheated thousands of people. He is fooling people and I am one of the fooled ones. If I had a little idea about his reality, I wouldn’t have made any purchases. My loss wasn’t any small one. I lost over $2,400 to this cheat.

I want my REFUND of $2,495!!!

I had bought his “High-Ticket Closer Certification Program”. You will have to pay $2500 or more (depending on when you buy) for getting into this certification program. And it’s full of useless, fictional information.
I paid a quarter of 10 grand for something I can watch on YouTube. Here is the structure of the course for those who want a quick look:

  • First 25%: Bio of Dan Lok
  • Next 25%: Something about the mindset
  • Next 25% Some more motivational crap
  • Last 25%: Which courses you should buy next

To sum up the whole course in one word, I’d say it is crap. It is full of nonsense. I don’t think anyone else should waste his or her money for this load of trash. If you are really dying to pay someone $2,500 for some motivational videos, stop. Go to someplace else. Spend that money on getting a degree or buying some useful books (not FU Money, I’ll discuss it later).

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I’m telling you this because I consider it the biggest waste of my money and time. I already told you the structure of this course. Most of it is just about Dan telling how he made it from rags to riches and some more motivation for you to do something.

Dan is running a scam, there’s no doubt about that. YouTube is full of motivational videos. Search for one, and thousands of results will pop up. You don’t need to pay $2,500 for the same crap.

There is really nothing special or anything of value in the course of Dan Lok. All it provides you is just a load of BS which you can avoid easily just by ignoring his large head.

While most of the High-Ticket Closing Program is about getting motivated and the biography of Dan Lok, the last part does give you an opportunity to earn some money.

Yes, you can earn more money after taking part in this program. That’s because it has a PYRAMID SCHEME as well.
Every day, my LinkedIn feed gets full of offers from the members of the High-Ticket Closing Program. They all want you to buy the program from them. They all off you some sort of discount. Why?

Because they will get a commission from the same. Dan is creating an army of affiliate marketers for his courses through his courses. What these people don’t realize is, they are ultimately filling his pocket and advertising a false product.
Selling a course isn’t wrong. I’m not saying Dan is doing something wrong by selling courses on making money and motivating people. His crime is his false advertising.

Look at this picture below:

Dan Lok

As you can see he is with a high-value car and showing off his money. What does he prove by that? He is showing that you can get rich just like him, start riding expensive cars just like him and have a rich life just like him if you purchased his useless course for $2,500.

When I took this course, I felt ashamed of myself. I couldn’t believe that I was actually scammed by someone so easily. Dan is a real scam and he’s good at falsely marketing his products.

If he was teaching you how to make money or giving you some really useful and practical advice, I would have loved to market his course. But he is only giving you generic and bullshit advice that is too obvious. There is nothing special in it except a pyramid marketing scheme and some promos of his other courses.

How is his Company?

You might think, “Okay, Dan Lok’s courses are bad and he lies, but he is running a great company, isn’t he?”
Let me tell you something, his company is full of morons and idiots who don’t know anything about customer service. Their soft skills are nonexistent and they are too stupid to learn anything.

When I bought the useless High-Ticket Closing Course, I was very disappointed with it. It was like I flushed $2,500 down the toilet. I contacted customer support and asked them about the course.

I wanted to know if I got the latest version of his course or was there some material not available in my course because I did not want to believe that I was really scammed by this fool.

They told me I got access to the full course and it was the latest version. In reply, I asked them if they could give me a refund because the course was certainly not worth my money.

They canceled.

They canceled the call right away. Now, one could think that it was a coincidence or some technical malfunction. So, I gave them another call. I asked for my refund and they bluntly said, “SIR, it’s clear that you don’t understand our policies. WE DON”T GIVE REFUNDS.”

What the hell? The customer support of this self-proclaimed legend doesn’t even know how to talk to the customers?
I tried multiple times. I reached out to them through email and through social media. But they never responded. The low quality and lack of professionalism of Dan Lok’s customer support made me realize how poor a salesman Dan really is.

If he can’t teach his customer support to behave properly, he certainly can’t teach someone else to close deals.
I’ll say this again, Dan Lok is a mastermind criminal. He is a fraud and he is running a huge business that sells bogus courses and pyramid schemes promising everyone that he is going to make them rich. He is a pathetic human being who is cheating hundreds of people every month. Some have wasted their money by buying his courses, others, by buying his books. He clearly doesn’t offer anything of value and if you want to gain some real and practical knowledge, go someplace else. This guy is clearly a criminal.

Trash he sells online

Dan Lok Courses Review

Do you know why I’m telling you all this about Dan Lok?

I’m saying all this because I know what kind of ruthless and degenerate crimes this guy is doing. He is stealing money from hundreds of people and telling everyone that he is going to make them rich.

He is selling bogus courses and people can’t even realize it. They are too distracted by his pomp and show and baseless claims.
He is running a large-scale scam. And he must be stopped. I have already discussed his ‘High-Ticket Closer’ program and you now know how much information you will get out of it.

In case, you forgot, High-Ticket Closer is full of unusable information. It is a part of his pyramid scheme and it gives you no information at a cost price of $2,500.

Now, let me discuss some other vital products of Dan Lok.

The next program I see on his website is ‘Tube your own Horn’. It is based on making a successful YouTube channel. Do you think it’ll be worth your time and money?

For that, you’ll need to take a look at his YouTube channel.

Dan Lok 2

Wow! He has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. I wonder why people subscribed on his channel? What secrets does he share?
He has spent thousands of dollars on advertising his YouTube channel so he can gain these many followers. He needed a huge number like this on his channel so he can lie freely.

Tell me, would you believe a guy who has 2 followers on YouTube? Or a guy with 1 million followers?
It doesn’t matter how good the advice of the former guy is, you’ll not trust him. On the other hand, no matter how bogus, worthless and useless the latter’s advice is, you’ll believe it.

Dan knows this. He takes the money he gets from these bogus and useless courses and spends it on his social media marketing. This way, he can fool people easily and steal their money.

If someone sells you a clay pot by telling you that it’s made of gold, you’ll call it a scam. Dan is doing the same thing. The difference is, he’s doing it to many people. I’ve been one of them and I don’t want anyone else facing these losses.
He has already sold a low-quality and pathetic course to me so I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t changed anything with his ‘Tube your own Horn’ course.

I’ve never actually bought it and you can’ find its price on his website. He keeps the prices hidden so he can fool you easily.
He distracts the visitors with a nonsense webinar and when the visitor thinks, ‘Dan seems legit’, he shows you the price tag. His YouTube course is also of some thousand dollars because I have seen some of its reviews and they are not positive.
The next program is Dan on Demand. It is just a membership where you can get familiar with him and his course material. It’s for those who don’t know who Dan is.

Again, I’m warning you, stay away from this guy. The more attention you give to him, the easier it will be for him to fool you. He is a scammer and he’s good at it. Don’t waste your money buying digital junk.

How he finds his targets

His Social Media Influence

Like any other scammer, Dan also requires some strategies to find his customers. No scammer can run a scam if he/she can’t find people.

Thanks to social media, his task has become quite simple. He just keeps posting ads with fake products and generic advice and gets people to visit his website.

When someone visits his website, they get to see The Man, The Myth and The Legend. They also see his TEDx speech and his bogus bio. Through all of this pomp and show, he manipulates people to buy his courses.

When you’ll buy one of his courses, you’ll be told at the end that you could buy an even costlier course and get more info. Believe me, my email was filled with Dan’s emails about his $6,000 course about making money online. But after the useless advice of his High-Ticket course, I realized that I don’t need to waste my $6,000 on another one of his trashy products.
His biggest asset is his YouTube channel.

Dan Lok 3

He spends a lot of money on advertising his videos so they can increase his brand awareness. He needs good stats on his YouTube channel so he can trick people into believing that he is a legit self-help guru.
In reality, he doesn’t have that many followers. Most of his subscribers on YouTube are paid bots. And he is able to buy them because of his bogus courses.

Dan Lok 4

After his YouTube channels come to his Twitter account. Twitter is a little strict in terms of followers and Dan doesn’t advertise much here, so he only has 349 followers here.

The same story is on Instagram where you will see around 14k followers. Now, Instagram is also full of bots just like YouTube and it won’t be a surprise if his followers drop all of a sudden when a new update rolls out.

For more information about this guy and his social media presence, feel free to search for him on Quora. You will come across the most popular question about Dan Lok, which is, “Is Dan Lok a scam?”

Now in that question, you will also see the reviews and opinions of many of his past customers. And most of them are negative. Some of them are positive, but they are so because they think the other reviewers are trolls.

I’m not a troll, just so you know. I only wanted to inform others about the scams of Dan Lok, so people can know the truth behind the Myth and the Legend.



There is so much false information posted online that it’s really hard to find realistic reviews of Dan Lok and his courses. Through this article, I wanted to let you know how degraded, low-minded and mischievous Dan Lok is and how he is stealing money from other people.

If there is one thing you should get out of this article, it’s: Stay away from Dan because he is a FRAUD.
If such information had been present before, I might not have lost my $2,500 to this guy.

What do you think of Dan? Do you know someone who has been scammed by this thief?

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If there is one thing you should get out of this article, it’s: Stay away from Dan because he is a FRAUD. If such information had been present before, I might not have lost my $2,500 to this guy.

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  1. Dan Lok literally made me homeless. I’m writing this comment on a public library computerz. I sleep outside on the park bench. Thanks Dan for taking my last dime.

  2. Yep. As this review suggests, Dan Lok is a peace of shit scammer that makes his money teaching people “how to make money”. He is so full of shit.

  3. Lool laughable review here. If you took the course and found that 25% was about his bio, 25% about motivational crap etc. then I don’t know which classes you took…

    Then again, I don’t think you’ve even taken the classes at all because that’s not what’s in there.

    I’m proof that HTC works. I’ve quit my job and closing full time and have made $100k in sales so far.

    You seem like a hater that just wants some attention and another avenue to complain about your life that’s not where you want it to be.

    Continue lying to people, hating on others more successful than you and living your life in this sad and pathetic way.

    And for all those who are scared of getting scammed – you’re not actually scared of getting scammed – you’re just justifying to yourself why you can’t part with a measley $2500 or you’re just scared in investing in yourself because you know all your life that you’ve had a lot of self-doubt.

    Let me tell you this, financially successful people always invest in themselves. If you can’t even invest in yourself to learn a high-income skill that will transform your life, then who on earth will invest their time to teach you anything?

    What will you do with the $2500 you’ve saved? One thing’s for sure that it’s not going to grow into 6-figures whilst in your bank lol. It’s just going to deplete like all your other savings and you’ll still have the same problem of being BROKE.

    The real question is not that you can’t afford it or think it’s a scam, but the real question is, ‘can you afford to keep your current way of thinking?’ What results has your current way of thinking got you? What life has your current way of thinking got you?

    For you to be a successful person, you need to change who you are and how you think first.

    I have a review dan lok htc review .com – check it out for those who truly want to know about this amazing HTC course.



  4. your channel will be terminated if you upload his content.
    i tried it a few monthes back

  5. Better to buy a book at Amazon – its cheaper and done my someone who is a professional.

  6. i have the course if anybody wants to buy it cheap

  7. Why don’t you stream his information on you tube if it is fake? Did you sign a confidentiality agreement?

  8. The moment he began talking about closing, I realised this guy didn’t know anything about sales. You can clearly see that this guy has just watched too many series and he has no idea about how real life works. 9/10 salesmen and business development professionals will tell you that closing a deal is actually the easy part if you do your freaking job correctly. It’s all about preparation, discipline, ambition, and good old grinding. No stupid gimmick learned on YouTube will ever save you from doing all these things.
    “But no, Dan Lok the super expert will make you a real closer ! With that you’ll make 7 figures by the end of the year !” Give me a f***ing break.

    BY SAM

  9. Honestly, ask yourself – if this guy was so great – why would he be doing training videos ? Professionals do not act like him, do not have those ridiculous photos with fancy cars. Come on ? seriously ? What is the type of customer that they are trying to attract – teenagers ?
    The courses are a bit of an insult to ones intelligence.

  10. Hey Alex, I was wondering if you can send me an email and we can talk more about Dan’s program. it seems like you purchased it already. This is really confusing to the point that I don’t even know who to believe . I hope we can talk. Thank you!

  11. If you have experience with sales then you obviously know he sold you. No attention was being taken to the fact in the first class he literally says you have 3 weeks in order to get your money back to avoid these issues presented by people like you. If you truly did your research, their policy states no refunds before you even buy the course, and then Dan himself tells you(in the first class) you have 3 weeks if you think it is bullshit. Nobody put a gun to your head telling you to finish the course, he cannot even touch you over the screen, the power was all in your finger tips. Also if it wasn’t for him you would not have found courses that are “similar” to his. Grow up, part of that is listening to what others say and he literally says he is just putting his spin on tactics that successful people before him have already done for years. You can make money, or you can make excuses and your excuse is bashing his rags to riches story? 13 business ventures, the first one was him mowing lawns, how did he start? he helped an old man mow his lawn and he asked the old man to borrow his lawnmower to make money in exchange for him mowing the old man’s lawn for a month and taking care of the lawn mower, does he really need capital for that? business is business whether you think it is for someone working in an office or working working anything else, sucks it isn’t the politically correct term of a business but he did not know english. Also he pulled a Mark Cuban, wanting to not work a 9-5 and trying to find alternative solutions (which in both cases business) at a young age, why the fuck would any bank give him capital for this?? So Dan had to borrow money from relatives and even they were tired of hearing that eventually he will pay them back. You obviously have not done “enough” research when there is an hour long interview with Omar from the passionate few youtube channel in depth with the story, but you don’t have time because you have to go back to your (lets hope worth it) 9-5, you would rather watch a 5 minute summary, ignorance at its finest. He never ever ever says “I am going to make you rich” He literally says so himself that he is giving you the keys to success, you either use them to your advantage and implement them(do you remember that word?) to your life and the business relationships you obviously have not established with successful people. I wish you knew the definition of a pyramid scheme because if he was, he would have had wayyyy more people join his program. He has 1 million subscribers on youtube, you dont fucking pay for youtube. Amway, how much do you have to pay to get in? just $100 annually, and there are 4 million people that joined that. How many people actually paid Dan for his program? 5k people with only 1 investment of $2,500. Imagine paying amway $100 every year to “say the same thing he does”, if that were the case don’t you think there would be higher success rates with amway instead of 1 in 1,000 of a chance?(you seem like a smart guy, you do the math). You lacked seeing value because you are mad you could not implement anything efficiently. You got upset that he it is not live, yet you sound like a person that did not take advantage to replaying the course, or even looking at the bonuses more than what your fish attention mind span can handle. You also failed to mention the private facebook group, and the whole role playing on dischord. You thought you practiced enough and then you said “I am ready for the real world” and then you got your head torn off and now you’re mad that you did not practice enough and now that is his fault? Did you really take the time to see that all his subscribers are bots? If that is the case, why are you wondering why you have not made money? And you telling people to search for information about him on quora is the same thing as telling people to search for the info on reddit, and I don’t know a single person making the same amount or close to the same amount of money he is that is a fucking reddit blogger. This guy said 25% is “something about the mindset”, if you paid any attention to any successful person (which clearly you haven’t) success is all about the mindset and repetition. But to people like you, all successful people are scammers. Graham Stephan, Jason Capital, Dan Pena, Iman Gadzhi, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins…and many more. Stay with the rest of the 95%, but do not insult the work of the 5% just because your brain is too small to comprehend them. You hate what he does yet you contradict yourself by saying the last part provides opportunity to earn some money, I would love for you to show everyone your tactics and alternative solutions on making money other than working a 9-5 for someone else. If you did, you would have posted them by now and people would have paid you money for the same shit he is getting paid, but that sadly is not the case now is it? Good luck to you, clearly you are living a better life than he is.

  12. I’ve seen a few of his videos online, but his entire sales process is based on the SANDLER SELLING SYSTEM, every technique he uses is from them… how do I know.. I’ve trained with Sandler and it’s their system.

    At the end of the day, it seems he’s put in a lot of hard work into his marketing, etc. and if he’s helping people and they are *doing the work* and getting results from it, I don’t really see any real big issues with him, let him do his thing… BUT I prefer the Sandler selling system, here is a video from one of thier training, but it may not be for everyone as it’s non ‘hypy’ and you gotta do THE WORK and practice… ALOT!

    All the best folks ????

  13. I have been following Dan Lok for a long time and learned a lot from his free contents. All of the best contents you need is free on his YouTube channel. I would never pay for his HTC closer program. It’s a complete pyramid scheme that he is trying to hide. He’s a very good marketer and sales person, that’s always a couple steps ahead of people. His right hand man is Desmond Soon. A poor want to be entrepreneur with some bullshit background story that you can read about online. Desmond Soon was Tracy Walker’s right hand man in the scam company empower network dream team. Desmond soon has many years of experience in MLM companies working with the top performers. He is expert at manipulating and getting people to trust him so those suckers can join his bottom line and make money for him. If you look at it closely you can see that Dan Lok’s HTC program is very similar to empower network’s pricing structure. In HTC you pay $2500 initially then when you finish they try to upsell you some generic crap that cost a couple thousand more dollars with a reoccurring monthly fee. Then after that there’s some high ticket millionaire program that cost tens and thousands more dollars. His HTC closer program is what gave him away. When he first offered the program I was kind of suspicious and knew it was some kind of MLM crap that he is trying to build. Dan lok then released a video with Desmond Soon saying his program is not MLM and how Desmond Soon was a victim of empower network. How he didn’t do anything and the company closed down. This is just a cover up video to his HTC closer program. He knows people will be skeptical about his program so he wants to assure them. This is why I said Dan Lok is always a couple of steps ahead of people. By the time people realize this, it’s already too late. Dan lok already took your money.

  14. High performing individuals who are great business people are not found on Youtube selling courses .
    Does Elon Musk sell training courses – NO he is busy with his own business
    Does Bill Gates sell training courses on how to be successful – NO he is busy with his own business
    Does Jack Ma sell training videos on how to be successful – NO -he is busy with Alibaba.

    So do yourself a favor and think twice about buying such courses – NOBODY will tell you the secrets of success.

    If you really want to be successful – find someone who has succeeded and you want to follow, read about them, learn their methods, and then WORK YOUR ASS OFF. Thats the hard bit – perseverance. Everyone wants money and success – but not even 1% are prepared to work hard to achieve it. I’m talking about day-in and day-out. Its hard, its tiring, its exhausting, but you need to keep going, never give up.
    There are not ‘secret recipes’ its called coming up with an idea and working hard to achieve it.
    That means years and years of hard work .

  15. I only took the HTC program.. I’m not in the inner circle program.

  16. Wow, lots of angry negative energy here. I’m successfull because of this program.

    No I’m not a millionaire but I’m not broke either.. Farrrr from it. HTC helped me make an extra 20K in 2018 because I got promoted in my career. I used what I learned from HTC. I talk to a lot of companies, HR, CEO’s, etc. What it taught me is it gave me “balls.” And?, I took action.. I actually took the class online and took notes, did the homework and the meditation section.

    Man, some people are calling it a scam but they never bought the program? whattt? Right there, you did not take action.. No action? no results. Unfortunately that’s how our planet works.

  17. After carefully analyzing the above reviews, it’s clear. This is a course I will absolutely be purchasing. The above negative comments are hilarious. The FREE YouTube content alone is worth the price tag of the program. I almost feel guilty not giving him some cashola!!

  18. He keeps popping up in my FB feed and before I make baseless comments I do research. I really didn’t have to looking and reading. But in essence you pay him to learn how to close others on his products! Genius I must say. People are paying him to make him even more money, I don’t know how people fall for these things and I feel sorry but in the same token I found all this doing 5 minutes of research. And never believe anyone wearing ( he claims Versace and stuff) and showing off their wealth. Most people with money don’t flaunt like that. Today social media has given people the edge to shill and make millions, You don’t even need credentials or have to even be successful.

  19. So this is how his program is laid out. Dan on Demand ($49/mth) – > HTC ($2500) -> Inner Circle ($2k initial with an additional $199/mth fee) -> High Ticket Millionaire ($25k)

    I know because i was one of the retard that got suckered into it. From DOD to HTC to Inner Circle and that’s when i draw the line, it should have been sooner. I honestly felt bad for people entering the HTC fraud, i know that they will not be able to get anywhere near the promise that Dan made. (I have so many friends in the HTC that are living on their last month savings because of this scam.)

    He keeps selling you more expensive shit that doesn’t teach anything you can’t get for free online.

    In terms of high ticket sales, Dan has never done it himself.

    Want to know the sales method he uses in HTC? read the book “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar” by david sandler. He even uses the words that are in the book, it’s that ridiculous. The funny thing is, since he copied exactly from that book, you can actually learn much more by reading the book than going through HTC. It cost a lot less as well.

    He then build as a platform to bridge between influencers (with high ticket items to sell) to Dan’s own HTC graduates. But since no sane influencer wants to work with any HTC retards, he has no influencers that wants to work with

    Hence, Tube Your Own Horn (YTOH) was created. It was created with the hope that soon, his HTC graduate can become influencers with their own high ticket products to sell.

    When that happens, he will have the 2 sides for Well good luck with that!

    If you don’t believe that Dan Lok and HTC is a scam. Go to linkedin, talk to any big influencers, ask them if there’s an opening for a closer and tell them you are an HTC graduate. They will despise you so much its not even funny! Don’t believe me, try it for yourself and you can thank me later.

  20. Anyone can just re-hash the same old stuff and get a way with it, it would seem. By turnng people into lemmings with indoctrination along the way, those that stay the course are brainwashed into buying more. Dan is getting away with cult like tactics to get people to hand over money for basic sales 101 skills that even he’s not reallly good at. But some people can see straight through BS, Hype and Cult tactics, and some cannot until it’s too late. LOL, no refunds (First Red Flag)!

    I love the sad comments where people kind of stick up for him like this (suckers trying to be PC) :

    Did you write all the comments yourself? I’m sorry that you lost 2,500 but to bash on him ain’t going to get your money back or doing anything much but to make you look like a fool. I never bought anything from him nor am I his biggest fan. But let’s be real here. No one will flat out hand you their secret sauces of making the real money because if they do, everyone will be doing it. It’s like college, you learn the fundamentals and you apply your experiences (trials and errors) and that’s move forward with it. Because if you expect any courses online that will make you rich without you putting the efforts out then I suggest you stick to your 9-5. No offense.

    I spent thousands of dollars on softwares and programs in the past and let me tell you, I didn’t regret any of it even though 99% didn’t make me money at all. What I learned is how they did it. How they managed to get me to buy and that’s the answer. Good luck man. I’m just giving my opinion as well. If you going to put that money out then it’s a 50/50 chance.
    By Jon

  21. Youtube is a breeding ground for these type of fake and manipulative individuals. These guys prey on the vulnerable, promising them wealth. However the true test is what have these guys done themselves. Here are some simple logical questions you should ask yourself before you buy these overpriced courses:
    1) if this person had his own business and was so successful why would he put his energy in the Youtube space if he could better use it in his own business ? Answer : his main business is the selling of courses.
    2) if you had the secret of success why would you share it, and not use it to make even more millions, since you can plainly see this guy LOVES money. Answer: the courses are generic courses you can buy any book on closing sales from an online bookshop and get the same information. The only difference is you wont need to pay $2000 plus dollars.
    3) successful people do not need to show pictures of themselves around expensive cars etc – they just give clear facts about what they achieved and give evidence. Anyone can hire an expensive car for a few hours and get photos done.
    There are no easy ways to make money – and if there was Dan Lok would definitely working so hard creating all these videos – if it was not to make money – from you !!!
    4) Dan Lok – loves to create a dream and then he tries to sell it to you – if you want dreams like the ones Dan is selling you are better off buying a lottery ticket.

  22. Did you write all the comments yourself? I’m sorry that you lost 2,500 but to bash on him ain’t going to get your money back or doing anything much but to make you look like a fool. I never bought anything from him nor am I his biggest fan. But let’s be real here. No one will flat out hand you their secret sauces of making the real money because if they do, everyone will be doing it. It’s like college, you learn the fundamentals and you apply your experiences (trials and errors) and that’s move forward with it. Because if you expect any courses online that will make you rich without you putting the efforts out then I suggest you stick to your 9-5. No offense.

    I spent thousands of dollars on softwares and programs in the past and let me tell you, I didn’t regret any of it even though 99% didn’t make me money at all. What I learned is how they did it. How they managed to get me to buy and that’s the answer. Good luck man. I’m just giving my opinion as well. If you going to put that money out then it’s a 50/50 chance.

  23. I think that it’s a scam. I haven’t taken his courses but I can at least tell that his videos have something to offer. Some people will get success and most will not. Just listening to the way he talked I was asking myself some questions, and I’m going to tell you why you should not buy into his program.

    The first thing that I took note of was how truthful this man was. Most of what he said was the truth, mostly full of information I already know.

    Scam #1 Though he mostly spoke the truth he did not say anything new

    The next thing that I noticed was the lesson itself, I’m not sure if anyone here listened to his seminar but he is about closing deals. Now tell me, did you listen to the way he talked especially at the end? Halfway through I was asking myself “is he trying to close HIS deal on me?” My answer to that question was yes.

    Scam #2 He’s talking to you about closing deals while closing one on you

    Scam #3 limited time offer that’s not a limited time offer

    Scam #4 Basic calculation of money, costs 2500 to sign up, 1900 people sign up which is 4.5+ million dollars. He told you this in the seminar that people pay you for what they think you are worth. Did you even listen to him? He also said to throw away money without even thinking about it. Now tell me, what smart man who is good with his money just throws it away like that? At this point, why do you still trust him?

    Scam #5 Chances are that you won’t meet with his team, don’t even bother

    Scam #6 Oh you thought there was only ONE entrance fee? Nah mate, there’s thousands of dollars more fees to pay. This man has made tens of millions of dollars off this program alone.

    Scam #7 More and more lies. Doesn’t care about money yet charges ridiculous amounts of money for the program. Promises you some sort of success as long as you work hard for it! You mean like anything that you do in life ever?

    Look, I’m not here to convince you to not do it. It’s your risk, but red flags are going off in my head telling me that I don’t need this man. The video was more than enough teaching alone if you paid any sort of attention. And then he closes the deal on you. Whether you are willing to accept the facts for what they are is up to you. I, for one, am not willing to put more money into that man’s pocket but I appreciate the information that he gave for free regardless.

  24. I am 59 years old and have been in sales my whole life. For the last 21+ years I have owned a small business selling trained service dogs to disabled people. I took and watched many sales programs over the years, but got little out of them I could make money with except working hard and havinfg a good attitude. Dan Lok’s HTC course the first night I felt I got my $2500 worth. Before I started the HTC program and read his “FU Money” book and implemented the things I learned in my business. I work part-time now and make over $200k/yr thanks to Dan Lok.

    You complainers are total losers and write like typical narcissists. Obviously, you are stupid and lazy is why you would make a blanket statement like “I never learned anything.” Normal people do not spend hours and hours making websites to hate. Again, you were not ripped off. I took the program and own and sell for a real business. The sales information I learned was spot on. That you need to lie, embellish and make ad hominem arguments speaks louder than your false and demeaning like about Dan Lok.

    No, I did not sign up for the Inner Circle after the HTC program. My website is and I say Dan Lok and what he teaches is worth a lot more than $2500.

  25. Trading Binary options with Mr Harry jones is synonymous to winning, because Mr Harry Jones always makes wins on trades,in a very special way, I must acknowledge Mr Harry Jones and the Guardian Strategy, it helped so much with predicting which way the market will go. I have learned a lot about candlestick patterns and your trading strategy have changed my entire perception of the market. I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, it’s rare to see someone in your position who’s made their money to give back to people and help them along their journey to become successful traders. Thanks you are legendary. I will see you give your own testimonies email him on ha*************@gm***.com ….stop watching your investment go down the drain… Take this bold step today.

  26. I started off by listening to some of Dan’s podcasts for a couple weeks now and I really do think some of the stuff he says is legit. recently on the podcast he’s been promoting his book unlock it, and I thought I’d check it out cuz at that point I thought he’s not bad. I go to the website and I was very close to pre-ordering the book, but I decided to search him up first to make sure he’s credible and not one of those scammers. I’m not quite sure what set off the red flags for me but there was an itch at the back of my mind telling me there’s something not right.

    so I google him, I see some reviews and testimonials which tbh seemed pretty staged. I decided to look up one of the “CEOs” praising his course and I find the most empty Facebook page with the link to the company website not even working (I think it was called gnr8 software or something like that for those of you who want to check yourselves). major red flag, and clearly backed up the testimonial being staged. I do some more searching, and lo and behold, I see on Quora and Reddit people talking about his courses being trash and scams, he lacks much clarity and some outlandish claims like failing at 13 businesses etc, and now I see this post as well and it pretty much sealed the deal. I am no longer going to preorder the book or ever even consider purchasing anything from him. I’m debating on not listening to his podcast anymore just to completely eliminate him from my life but like I said I do think some of his material is good, so we’ll see what happens.

    thank you for writing this post, it certainly saved me from wasting my money on his book and I’m sure it will help others not waste their money on his products as well

    BY MK

  27. Ji Fung Lok aka Dan Lok is a complete scam. He sues former students that call him a scam. (legit)

    That’s why I’m remaining anonymous lol

    His upsells are a complete waste of money.

  28. Dan Loks mentor programs are expensive and they are worth around 50USD max, really bad quality of video and its complete opposite to youtube where his videos are deacent, basially his courses teach you how to sell his high ticket closer programs, so its like circle, you will be called with high ticket closer to buy high ticket program, in this program you will learn how to sell his high ticket porgram, and so on adn so on in circle. i also doubt tai lopez and grant cardone but their porgrams hawe at least some serious info and quality. you can check dan loks , tai lopez ad grant cardone here : , and make your own opinion,,, full access is just for 10USD, so o rpoblem to check those courses

  29. Hey guys, I’ve read your posts and decided that I would tell you all my story. That way you can make of it what you wish.
    I enrolled into Dan Lok’s HTC course after watching a lot of his videos on YouTube. It took me about 2 hours to actually pluck up the courage to pay for the damn thing because of that hefty price tag, $2,495 is NOT CHEAP. And immediately after I paid for the course a feeling of dread sat in, thinking “oh no what have I done” and how much money i had just wasted away on pretty much a spur of the moment decision after telling myself the course wasn’t going to be just another scam.
    Honestly, I almost immediately regretted my decision. After I signed up the first thing I done was look to see if they had a refund policy – which they do. This policy lasts until the 3rd class starts.
    I thought what the heck? I can see what the course is like and then just get my money back when I was inevitably unimpressed.
    So that’s what I did. I passively watched the 1st class, and I entertained the idea of doing the class assignments and connecting with other students just to give myself the same experience as the others taking part. And then I passively watched the 2nd class. Again, I carried on connecting with others in the classes, completed the class assignments.
    After finishing the 2nd weeks homework, life kind of dawned on me. I really sat there and thought about what I wanted from life. I thought about the things I would do if I had the life that I was dreaming about. In that moment I remembered that it was these kind of thoughts that led me to discovering Dan Lok and HTC in the first place, so I went back and rewatched the first two classes. And this time I REALLY watched them, I left my ego aside for a few hours and looked at this throuh an open mind.
    It was after this I decided that I was going to go through the whole course.
    I had already paid for it now and had come to terms that I would decide my own opinion on the HTC program, rather than let preconcieved notions cloud my judgements. Besides, you’re gonna miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.
    So I completed the HTC program.
    When I signed up to HTC, I thought it was just going to be some guy teaching me how to sell stuff to people. But I was wrong. The HTC program completely changed the way that I look at my life and the way that I conduct myself and my conversations. The students I met through the course, have now become life long friends, with many of them already having become successful closers and earning thousands each month.
    But mine and their successes did not come just through sitting in a class every week. We put in the work. We were determined to achieve what we signed up for in the first place. We practiced many hours to hone our skills, and for many of us it has paid off.
    If you have bothered reading this long post, then it probably means that you have some sort of interest in Dan Lok’s HTC program. I will be the first to say that if you are not willing to put in the work and are looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this program is not for you.
    However, if you believe you are someone who is resourceful and will put in the graft to pursue their dreams, I encourage you to watch Dan’s webinar (I’ll attatch the link below), and make your mind up for yourself.
    Webinar Link:
    If you are still unsure and would like an actual human to talk to who has been there and done it, not some internet posts or some videos you’ve seen, then you are more than welcome to book a time with me, I am happy to speak with you, and we can figure out together if the HTC program would be the right thing for you.
    Calender Link:

  30. This is a real anonymous objective review.
    High ticket closer teaches nothing that cannot be learned from you tube or acquired free from google. Nothing.
    The sales script or technique can be learned by joining any telcom sales company.
    The lessons on mindset is basically to trust Dan’s teachings, focus on your goals relentlessly with no excuses.
    The sales methodology is nothing special for those who have worked in sales. Nothing.
    You then practice for hours.
    You get good.
    You potentially may be hired by dan to sell his courses.
    The circle goes on.
    At best you will walk away with some sales skills.
    It will be cheaper to buy the best sales books, learn for 3 months. Then take action.
    If you cant do this, then pay for his courses. When people pay for something expensive, they tend to pay more attention to the content.
    Dan also says in one of the videos that nothing he does is original. He takes what’s good and reject what’s useless-quoting Bruce lee. He takes and repackage. He also advises you to do the same.

  31. Even if you put aside the fact that there is no physical evidence of him being a millionaire before he started his internet business, his course content is things you can find literally all over the internet, and save yourself a load of money at the same time.

  32. Never bought any of his programs, the guy is actually a scammer, a friend of mine bought his HTC shit and it was actually a disaster ! he tried to up sale my friend any chance he get, but that’s okay, just to get something outta it, but nothing, my friend is a salesman who tries to make something from himself and a very nice guy, he tricked him into turning him into an asshole.

  33. Shohaib Ahmed, you are selling the course through an affiliate program. By definition, you have a conflict of interest. You should at least mention that in your review, which is really a sales pitch. By the way, $100k in sales is not great. You are probably taking a percentage of that so you take home pay (before taxes) is probably between $10k and $25k. You can go to any position in business development and make way higher numbers than that – $300k to $1M in sales in relatively junior positions – yes, with higher take home pay too. I have taken the course and the quality and depth was laughable. At the end of the course when they announce the upsale and I was very unimpressed with the quality I thought it was absolute madness.

  34. do you have the videos of the htc program? if so share it with me ol*****************@gm***.com

  35. Mixed feelings on Dan Loks content. Much of his free YouTube content is of good quality with good general tips, wisdom, and ideas. Even his wing chun martial arts videos are very informative. But too bad it seems Dan is selling good old Bullshido. It’s like Dan googled “how to make easy money on the internet” and then dutifuly applied everything and came up with what we see today. Dan does seem pretty smart and hardworking and even charismatic and handsome and he could probably be a successful business man or motivational/self help speaker to legitimate companies selling legitimate products. Sadly though he no doubt makes a crap ton more money peddling Bullshido online. All that said I’ve certainly taken many college courses that were a few thousand dollars of tuition that were useless so guess a determination of value depends how you look at it. But after attending one of his free allegedly live seminars online for a copywriting program I decided that I didn’t have 3k to gamble just to find out for myself. Tbh I think you’d have much better luck actually gambling your money in Vegas than getting a return with this program. Although it’s possible you will learn some basic sales stuff, but nothing you can’t find free or in a 5 dollar used business book on Amazon. Oh I should not what ultimately turned me off from investing into the program was when I quickly realized that Dan’s supposedly live seminar that allegedly thousands were attending was using a chat that was entirely full of bots. As someone who spends a good time in live chats on twitch, it was very obvious the chat was entirely fake and the whole thing was prerecorded and staged. Which I have no problem with, many great works Hollywood movies etc are staged and still give something of value. But the dishonesty of the tactic was off putting.

  36. As a former copywriter for several agencies, I can see through the facade. Watch the videos carefully:

    In one video Dan is friends with (and endorses) a strip club manager / bodybuilder. How many legitimate millionaires would do this? Not many.

    In all of his videos he is in the same rooms, wearing the same red suit, in the same car. Why can’t he drive his own cars? Why is never shown inside any of the helicopters or planes?

    Why are his “podcast episodes” rehashes of the same videos and the one conference he gave?

    If he’s so incredibly rich why is not on modern TV programs? He’s not.

    If he’s been on CNN, USATODAY, and all the other publications his website says he’s been in, where are the videos and articles? Google can’t display them because they don’t exist.

    Finally, nothing he says is original or new. Read “Book Yourself Solid,” a real business book and you’ll get ten times more substance than any Dan Lok book or course.

  37. Dan Lok is a con man that feeds on peoples weaknesses, In an ever evolving economy he targets the weak and vunerable, people especially the youth that you should get a high income skill, before starting a business and doing any form of investment. Whilst this is true he pushes his course the high ticket closer skill as a way out. The fraud is not deliverance of the High income skill But the promise of work at the end of the course, of which unknowing undergraduates are told when you join the 25k inner circle you will strt getting jobs leaving the 95% of studentsstunned and confused. What just happened?
    His marketing and sales calls with prospects YOU!! is crafted that it will have you believe that that you can change your life, and with effort earn 10k a month, whilst this is possible, it is Only when you have paid initial investment and pay the upsell of 25k to the inner circle of which you may get a job working for Dan Lok. The deception is in the incongruency, of which Dan Lok invites one into the HTC programme stating when you learn the Closing skill do not misuse it for negative purposes, Yet Sifu Dan Lok Promises all htc undergraduates a job, with no intention of giving them one, as they must upgrade into the $25k inner circle. Thus instanteaneously, wipes out 95%of the people that took the course.
    Having connected with several inner circle members over 70% of them leave because jobs offered are too few. He talks about abundance and has 25k self investment of which he has people on a leash waiting for work whilst demanding they bring in influencers.
    Many people pay the very last of thier income for this course resulting in rent arreas additional debt to employers and family. People quitting university to get on the course. because they believe they are on a life changing mission. The shit hits the fan when all on the course are hit with the upsell in class six, discord the portal for roleplay practice is empty like a graveyard SILENCE no one is any longer on, what there is no job? 25K for innercircle?
    THINK! If Dan Lok let you down in the first instant with a clear non offer of a job why pay another 25k on another promise of a job. Blinded by the promise and course content people find the money and pay. Only to find…..
    Dan Lok describes Closers in Black as a Religion, Again another upsell attatched to his Mindset video, which he says listen to everyday and at the end of video says He hope to meet one oneday at closers in black.(repetition) of which if you listen to everyday is constantly upselling closers in black. This is a cult targeted with slick marketing to the youth, He says one should call him Sifu..the Master in Chinese, and after the course demands a testimonials from everyone in exchange for a HTC tshirt, all testimonials are demanded from ex htc students before issue of graduation certificate.
    The ones that give positive testimonials are the 25k inner circle members who may have had work, note they never say how many jobs, and they in turn ar selling YOU the HTC course, with link under video. You cannot become an affilliate of HTC unless you join the innercircle at 25K That is 25k for an affilliate link. people do not expose Dan Lok as a fraud because they are afraid of litigation. The 7 week course is a pre-recorded course of which he appears live once. To ANYONE wanting to do this course I STRONGLY advise you NO!!!! a total waste of your MONEY.
    I will see when all the scarred ex students come forward and talk and inform everyone and expose this Fake greedy man, EXPOSE THE TRUTH even if you do not tell your story about it.
    Inform me is this a LIE!!! NO…
    Dan Lok who instills a scarcity mindset of you can only earn 10k a month through him, whilst preaching Freedom!!! Freedom!!!! Freedom!!! Everything about HTC is a secret, you are not allowed to have opinions, or want to work independently, one is given a list of over 45 people, mostly ex students who went to work independently with thier HTC skill and they are on the bad apple list and you as a graduate are not allowed to work with these people. You will be banned from HTC for life.
    As an ex Graduate I will never recommend this man or his course. The loss of investment is heartbreaking, yet does not compare to the shame of being right in the same position that you were prior to taking the course, having sacrificed your investment on a promise for an income of which could change your family’s life. Its hard not to beat yoursself up post Dan Lok Scam, Remeember you were dressed for buisness, on each class and role play. Your mind was programmed for success. This is the past and now that the truth is out it wull save thousands of others considering wasting thier time and monies on this course.
    Through out the duration of the course Desmond Soon constantly reminds people that if they talk bad of Sifu Dan Lok they have legal teams that will come after you.

  38. This happens worldwide. Make sure if you gonna buy someone’s course.

    Check their real businesses are if they are profitable & make them billionaire.

    Fake gurus sell info that you can get for free. Telling you shets they arent doing. Just playing with words is their ability.

    Think about it. If you are real deal crazy rich, you have a lot of businesses. Would you go selling course 24/7? Right?

    Dan is on the net & YT all the time, guess what his real business is? Thats it. Selling his saliva to you

  39. Here what i am asking to Dan Lok! If one day he look here, Lok can can answer and we dont look for around…

    i check your htc program, i see people who join this program talk about it but when i check their latest video, mostly them seemsto be become youtuber but not millioner? Means they dont go on for your htc program? what make them give up ? is your program costy or their willing ? i have read more about your htc program, you telling high ticket closer sell everyhting. What are they ? are you supplier ? how you choose people ? which people sell what item, which item has hight sale rate ? Who sell the best service or product?

    i also read around that to join your program cost around 5000 dollar or beyond if its true, (not sure). I see you love to help people and give advice! then why you charge people 5000 dollar or beyond! Do you need money? Are you not millioner?

    i also see you love to help people etc but for this program, why dont you make it free then choose talent canditades then they make your product sell and then you give them their commission? Then this chain system keep runs better.

    Could you answer this question, me an a few people love to join your program but when you charge people very hight then how non usa countries affort such dollars? You dont think rest of the world? Or you focus only USA or Eu?

    Because dollar or euro are very strong in this countries, as no one did htc program before how they can find such money unless their family move to eu or usa maybe canada ? means they can not effort your 5000 dollar or beyond then why you dont make a talent test? give poor people chance? Let them be rich as you! As an example if you would be in Afganistan, it would be way much hard for you to get your current position right now! see even your parents moved to usa long ago! Can you give this chance to people who are on the other side of the world! Yes you sound nice person, hope to hear good news then you get 10 million subscriber.. Take care.

  40. I was the number one sales person in the world for a certain brand of high ticket product. I did this by actually applying sales methods. Later I had my own product and now this product is being sold in Europe, using the same sales methods that EVERY high ticket sales person uses.
    Dan Lok uses all the same methods in his classes that I used for many years. I can sell $28,000 items over the phone, without even seeing the person on the phone. I sold thousands after a while all over the earth on the phone and even by email; by using these techniques and ideas that work on fixing a person’s internal problems that stop them from making money. Ego and pride are the first thing to go for success.
    I was very shy when I started this process, but in sales, it is do or die. You either get off your ass and take the plunge, and try to make yourself better, more of an extrovert, learn to write and speak better, and so on. And the number one key to high ticket sales, is to have a very good product that out performs all the rest in your field.
    Dan is not a scam, but as he said; “All I do is teach you what successful people have taught me.”

  41. I can provide hundreds of stories and testimonials from students who have had success through the mentorship of Dan Lok. So why would I listen to a handful of people who:
    1. Didn’t listen accurately to what is taught, but only chose to hear what they wanted to hear.
    2. Wanted shit handed to them on a silver platter, and wanted some done-for-you course.
    3. Didn’t follow exactly what is taught, but instead chose to half-ass some things, and now cry “Scam. Scam. Scam.”
    4. Chose to buy in to the negative of others, instead of listening to and following the positive from the ones who are making it happen. Or even further, didn’t continuously ask for guidance and help from many who are making things happen for themselves with this mentorship.
    5. Claim that **% of students didn’t get “——“, or was not given “——“. But with over 6,000 students, have not spoken to enough students to be able to provide ANY sort of accurate percentages.
    6. Make claims that what is taught is that the only way to truly make money is to “upsell”, when there are students who have proven themselves with hard work and are on Dan’s internal teams and ARE NOT “upsell” students. Yeah, that’s right. You don’t have to “upsell”.
    7. Claim that all the info you need is out there on the internet, but yet are STILL BROKE. (I challenge anyone making this claim to show how to do it. Show how you took all the free information from the internet and figured it out.) Show me your bank account. Show me your income.

    If I have to chose between hundreds who HAVE made this work vs. a handful who couldn’t figure shit out (or chose not to)…..I choose the hundreds.


  42. I agree with the comments that divide the talk into four 25% sections.

    A 3-hour video (yes I went through it) contains about 5-minutes of actionable content (of questionable value).

    The rest is just what you always hear in MLM session. This person can do this, that person can do that, ooooh this changed my life, Dan is so rich and so knowledgeable, call me this call me that, pressure you into calling him sifu-thing. How about NO? Close me on that.

    Even the role play setup is worthless. It’s not different from asking a guy next door to you to act like a prospect and play along.

    IMO, train on your tenacity and consistency first, make your aim, and the rest will follow.
    Skip this bullshit.

  43. First of all, as someone who went through the course, you are not an actual student – you are one of Dan Lok’s Lackeys who is either working for him or selling his affiliate program which is still working for him. Second, we make our testimonies BEFORE the course is over, in that most of the testimonies are actually worthless since most of them haven’t even made a single penny from this program.

    1. there is no way to accurately interpret exactly what is ‘taught’ otherwise no Holy War would happen between churches that believe in the same God.
    2. We go into the course expecting what Dan Lok ‘promises’ – aka your way of saying being ‘spoon-fed’, otherwise why would any sane idiot want to join the course without expecting good results? If it’s all up to ourselves to make the program work, why join it in the first place? At the end of the course Lok just tells the morons to go FREELANCE. DO YOU NEED TO PAY THOUSANDS FOR SOMEONE TO TELL YOU TO GO FREELANCE?
    3. You got it the opposite way, it is the course itself that is half-assed, otherwise there won’t be so many half-assed students (at least 70% fail rate btw and I am being lenient here; If you look at the number of Facebook users in the group compared to the people who are actually active in the group you will know that I am being VERY lenient)
    4. You made a good point here actually, it applies to almost everything that you want to do need a positive lookout and seek help when required
    5. How about you provide an accurate percentage then? if it is something like 90% success rate won’t that be very good for the HTC course to advertise that? Geez I wonder why Team Dan Lok does not even think about rally up the success rate? OBVIOUSLY ITS BECAUSE THE FAILURE RATE IS HIGH YOU IDIOT.
    6. ‘Dan’s Internal Team’, think about what that means for a minute and reflect on how brain-dead you are; if you want me to send you an philosophical paper on that, just message me
    7. I mean I thought Dan Lok’s mentor is Dan Pena and I thought Pena’s content is all free on his site right? Why don’t you go on Pena’s reddit page and challenge the ‘meatheads’ there? bet at least one of them can enlighten you

    Lastly, you mean hundreds that made this work and THOUSANDS that didn’t right? I mean you just said Dan Lok has over 6,000 students and you are claiming only hundreds made this work? You are joking right?

  44. Let me preface this correctly, Dan shares good content, unfortunately it’s all other people’s and he acts as if it’s his own.

    The Gem Theory about personality types? Dani Johnson’s did that in 2005.
    The negative preparation mindset? Dan Kennedy shared that as far back as 2004.
    The 5 reasons people won’t buy video on YouTube? Right out of Zig Ziglar’s Selling 101.

    He gives sales people a bad name, he’s a scammer selling his trash and because he look wealthy and successful, people buy in. He has a sketch past with a timeline that doesn’t add up and I doubt he’s ever sold anything except his garbage to victims. How he can feel good about what he does is beyond me.

  45. Yep, scam.

  46. First off, a lot of Dan Lok’s content is actually very good. His basic principles on motivation, how to deal with customers, how to deal with prospective clients, etc are all very good. I enjoy his free content.

    But the guru industry has a very strange double edge sword – as this applies to all of the online gurus out there, including Dan Lok.

    Which ever online guru it is, they all preach one golden rule. NEVER EVER QUIT. Whatever happens, no matter how hard it gets – Don’t quit, because quitters never win right.

    Basically, you buy the online guru’s book or training program. You try applying it to your business and personal life, and after a while – it just doesn’t seem to get traction. So, online guru says “Don’t quit”, buy my next book and other program that will definitely help.

    So you buy the guru’s 2nd book and program, and plug away again. After a while, you are still not finding success or traction. Perhaps you’re starting to become a bit skeptical. So again, online guru says “Don’t quit”, you MUST NOT QUIT. Buy my next book and another program that will help.

    A couple things might happen at this point. You buy more of the guru’s materials, and you might actually start getting some traction and a bit of success because you didn’t quit on your business.

    Or conversely, you might again get no success, and be fed up with paying too much for all these courses that you quit buying into the guru’s sales tactics.

    Now – Do you credit your success to the online guru’s mantra of ‘don’t quit’ and keep buying all his materials? Or would your success have happened anyway without buying the guru’s materials?

    For those that quit – The guru and his minions can now make fun of you and say “I told you so, I told you not to quit. See everyone, here’s a quitter. His business failed because he didn’t buy my program”.

    This is why online gurus and their programs are so deceptive. They take ALL the credit when things go great. But, take NO credit when things don’t work out and will blame you for quitting.


  47. So easy to get sucked into BS these days it happens to everyone at some stage! I read his fu money book which is very average, content is all regurgitated nothing new. I’ve seen a few of his videos more recently which definitely made me cringe he’s the furthest thing from genuine that’s foreshore! Bottomline the world is full of inspirational people who are credible and worth learning from so stay away from people like this with zero credibility. I didn’t know this guy was into seminar BS and i feel sorry for people who got sucked into that. Suppose anyone can become an author these days and one has to have an eye for detecting bogus authors, YouTubers etc..

    “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching

  48. Is this where I’m supposed to put THE BODY of the reply?

  49. Why would you pay for Dan’s $2,500 HTC program course when he has so much free content on his YouTube channels?

  50. thanks for the info.

  51. Reply
    AVoid this scammer
    April 22, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Dank Lok os not the #1 highest ticket sales guy. There are many people in the industry who sell way higher. Her was never bullied, that is made up, he has never achieved any success other than selling programs to others. He should be in jail. He is the Bernie Madoff of Canada!

  52. He has been featured on Fox and can be found searching youtube or Fox business.
    Being on Ted Talks is not something to brag/be proud about.
    Forbes and Forbes’s book are not % credible.
    One of his successful business is apparently owning a Salon.

    Brian Tracy – snake oil salesman Yale/Harvard Study of Goals myth
    Joe Vitale also on holy smokes

  53. Kostas, would you be interested in teaching me? Get some of your htc money back? Im serious. Spoke with kat and sam already.. rather have on the job training. Thank you

  54. I watched his courses as my friends bought it. It is very very basic. There is no real value at. I don’t believe this. His youtube videos are informative but his course is rubbish

  55. so many different ideas on over the place. Please share the course content if you have it. Since now you can’t can a refund, sharing it or not won’t cause you a dime. since the lost is already lost.

    Share the receipt if you don’t mind, to justify that you are not 1 of his haters but really saying the truth

  56. I bought HTC and i have a honest review about it.

    You can make money but as everything it’s up to you.

    He didn’t reinvent the wheel… He took the name “salesman” and converted to a more sophisticated title “closer” i give him that.

    Did i learn how to close a deal from Dan’s program? -> NO
    Did i made any money out of it? -> YES

    It’s an industry and a skill where you can make money!
    I would suggest the following:

    Find free information about how to close a deal, role play with other who wants the same, grow your social as you should, adopt the title “closer” and go find gig’s and influencer’s who look for “closers”…. Start making money online!!!

    I closed deals for 3K and more in a single 45min call but not because i got on HTC, because i am hustle and try my best. A normal commission is 10-25% depending on your closing rate and usually takes a couple of months to get the money in your pocket.

    Do i regret the money invested on HTC? -> Ehm…Not really cause without that i would be on sales and not making money today ( not a lot but growing )

    So i’d say it helped and it worked on ME but it’s waste of money for the most people i know… From my season i am the only one i know of that made real money.

    Good luck gyus

  57. I put together this video exposing Dan Lok running an online Ponzi scheme that has turned into a Cult that has destroyed thousands of lives.

    This video goes through every single aspect of Dan’s Ponzi scheme so you yourself can see EXACTLY how he has ripped people off for 10s of thousands of dollars.

  58. Why do you keep calling him Don you dumb shit? You’re probably too stupid to understand anything he even said lol

  59. After deposits been made by me. I eventually told the company i need to make a withdrawal and they told me it would take at least two weeks to get my money back but it was all a lie. The Binary options broker named “IQ OPTION” were pushing me to make more deposit so that i would be able to make more massive gains.
    I invested the total sum of $265,000 and i made double of my initial deposit and i decided to make a withdrawal of my whole funds. The broker started telling me lies and i was forced to play along because i had no option. He even told me that if i was going to get my whole money that i would have to make approximate $20,000 to access the vat and government withdrawal fee from one country to another. He even said that after the payment would be made i would receive my receipt. It took me a while, but i was able to get the $20,000 and i did the transfer to him but after that he never answered my calls anymore and i felt so sad because i had no proof given to me. I was so confused and i did not know what to do and i started emailing the “IQ OPTION” and they eventually replied me saying that they had transferred my money to my bank account, I felt happy and i was given a reference number to take to the bank. I went to the bank and told them about the transfer and they said they had nothing like that in their data base. The bank said i should contact the people that sent the money to be sure. A few days later i called the broker and he said to me that the money was transferred that i should go back to the bank and complain because the fault is from them. I even asked for a copy of the wire transfer as a proof to take to the bank and he got so angry and never replied me anymore. I contacted them and got several excuses, then I knew that I have been scammed, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me this recovery experts, Mr. Jim Kim that helped him, I contacted him immediately, what surprised me most that i recovered my money that same week. you can contact him via lu********@gm***.com and I did as he instructed me and it was helped. Good luck as you contact him for help.

  60. Honestly if you think about it you could say a cone is like a pyramid. And if you look at that cone from a top view what do you get? A circle. With Dan at the top.

  61. He manipulates a lot of Asian and other countries’ well known stories into his own and with all those discipline and hard work, creative thinking stories have made him a multi millionaire. Prior to his online teaching/webinar thing, I doubt he was truly rich. He says he made a lot of money from copy writing prior to becoming a YouTube star and copy writing just doesn’t make enough money like he claims to be. Companies who would pay big money for content writers would go to an actual marketing agency with solid reputation, not to someone who wears a shady suit with a oily hair with 0 credible background, it’s a common sense. He does say one right thing though, you need a “high income skill.” Most people achieve that high income skill via going to schools and years of training before making anything over 6 figure, not by taking few weeks of Dan Lok’s class.

  62. I got two of his courses. HTC and 6 steps to 6 figures. Ofcourse I didn’t pay $5000 for them, I’m not that crazy. You can find his courses a lot cheaper if you do little research. I get them from here:

    Long story short. The courses don’t wort $5000! He has strong marketing team and he spending a lot money on ads so he can ask for premium price. Dan Lol courses a made with very low effort. I seen $20 courses and they look way more professional.

    The informations you can get from him are valuable, but nothing special. You can find them a lot cheaper and even free. He speaks more like motivation speaker and you don’t need to pay something $5000 so he can motivate you.

  63. Dan Lok isn’t the only scammer we need to be worried about. There are new scams that basically take the hype of crypto and use it to take advantage of people.

    Mogul Productions is a horrible scam being operated by an Indian scammer Gagan Grewal. Be careful, and avoid it!

  64. Check your copy. You’re not the only one who looks like a numbnuts. DAN Lok is a scammer. But DON Lok? Yikes. Way to write a hit piece and make yourself look like a dipshit.

    Cheer, mate.

  65. Dan Lok has a tremendous amount of free content and when I look for scams in any type of internet offers, I look to see if the person is transparent or hiding behind a fake name. I have watched quite a bit of Dan’s content and he offers all of his philosophies for free in these videos. When I look at investing in a course, I find the best way to evaluate it is to speak with a recent graduates of the course to get their opinion. I would get the opinion of several graduates and make your own determination. At the end of the day, it is not the content of the course that makes you successful, it is YOU. YOU end up applying the course and YOU have to do the work. In one of Dan’s videos he said that he stopped platform selling because over 90% of the people that bought his materials NEVER EVEN OPENED them. Only about 3-5% of people that take these courses put the material to work and become successful. Less than 5% of people make over $100K, so it simply shows people are people and that percentage is not changed by the course. I personally like Dan and his teachings, but he is not everybody’s cup of tea and he even tells people that in his videos. If you are successful, you will attract many followers, but also many critics.

  66. Very evident this pudgy, cherub-faced eunuch, is quite the bullshit scam artist. His kung fu videos are amusing too.

  67. Runs a pyramid scheme. Preys on people that work hard for their money and extracts thousands of dollars from them. It’s illegal because he portrays his courses as something but shows something else. Should be arrested and investigated for fraudulent activity before he takes all his illegally gained money and runs.

  68. My Girlfriend also bought the course. We found him through Stefan James, which Dan did some videos with. At first it sounded promising. But say you can earn a lot of money in a short time should always be alarming. In the course they brainwash the crap out of people. They want you to watch one hour of Dan’s videos a day. When the course is finished, they want you to sign up to the inner circle which is 2k plus 100-200$ a month or so. When buying the inner circle you can also attend the Closers in Black event. There they sell the High ticket millionaire for god knows how much. Alsways saying, just buy the next step and then you will earn money and get rich. They even illustrated Dans following as a circle. With him in the center, then htm, then inner circle, then the course members and then social media. Basically it is a pyramid scheme and they even admit to that, buy painting it like a circle. It’s so sad that he is abusing the trust and hopes of people. Don’t buy anything Dan sales. You won’t make money with him and they will always say it is your fault. Fuck you Dan, piece of scamback shit. You should really be ashamed.

  69. Please be careful and do your due diligence before you buy anything, and don’t get caught with your pants down by wasting your hard earned money on products that don’t contain any real value and waste your time.

    ” If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck “

  70. Dan Lok used to have a nail salon in Vancouver, Canada called Sweet Nails, seemingly as recent as 2011-2013. See these videos and the associated channel “salonbusinessexpert”:

    Compare these to his more recent Youtube channel starting from around 2015 and see the total transformation that seems to have happened in only a few years.

    If you see these videos of only 9 years ago (I wrote this in 2020) do you still believe Dan’s the global entrepeneur he portrays himself to be? Does managing a nail salon sound like a high-income skill?

    Do your own research…

  71. Now you may be questioning why I am so generous to give this man a 2 star, but putting the 2.5k to over 20k you may lose after getting into Dan Lok’s HTC course, it’s kind of a fair score for him. Now I am someone who went through many of Lok’s youtube videos, went through his course at 2.5k USD (now its 10k) and also fell prey to the upsale so I got a pretty good idea on what his bullshit is all about. Lets say the good things about Dan Lok first and that is his free content which is quite high quality and gives much more value than his actual course as to give us the consumers trust in him as a person and a potential mentor. By the time you see one of his webinars and his site to actually purchase the course, which has some red flags of being a potential scam, most people trust him enough to let go of such dishonest sales techniques. The course itself is to make yourself feel good and motivated and doesn’t really teach you anything that’s either not already in his youtube videos or something you already knew or want to hear. Think of the meme: ‘I came looking for copper, but I found Gold’, but with his course, it is instead: ‘I went expecting Gold but I found SHIT’. The course, by the way, is a basic sales course on how to sell high-ticket items (if I had read a few sales books that is; most of the people think the stuff is amazing) and Lok sets up this expectation for you to be paired with high-ticket sellers by the end of the course….. but he basically tells us to go FREELANCE. If you have seen any of his advertisements, you probably know by now what he means by ‘earning how much you want, whenever you want, and you decide your financial destiny’ Geez having zero job security as a Freelancer is actually having MAX job security since I have full control of what I make, not some employer, OMG MIND BLOWN! Of course you can just buy the upsale for more leads for high-ticket sales – aka employers who wants to hire contract salesmen – but you don’t call these people ‘Employers’, you call these people ‘Influencers’ and You are in a ‘Partnership’ with them (sounds much better right?). I mean in the end I was sold a dream that Lok calls ‘Financial Confidence’, If anyone could achieve that dream though, they won’t have needed Dan Lok’s course in the first place. The people who defend Dan Lok either works for him or sells his affiliate courses – which is still working for him… Personally, the one good thing that came out of the course is that it really prompts you to ask yourself important questions: ‘what do you really want in life?’ ‘What do you really value?’ ‘Is your current situation really so unsatisfying?’ btw anyone who say to be never satisfied is trying to sell you a useless course; most people who pay for money does not want to learn how to be rich – they want to learn the shortcut of how to be rich; they (as in me) are mistaken that money paid = secret shortcut to be rich. And before you buy any other courses, always ask the salesman: ‘Is there any UPSALES?’, If they say anything other than ‘NO’…. then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

  72. Dan Lok is not a scam though i can say this 100 % accurately because i have bought his course and it was very worth it and i think its really cheap for the value he gave to me , also most of the testimonial from coffezila and other about danlok is scammer is fake lol , how is he scamming people if he is not forcing you to buy into his program?? thats not how scam work dude they bought it on their own decision.Also Dan Lok mentioned that this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is a tough program so dont buy this program if you wont take action from danlok’s teaching and complain like a kid

  73. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    I’m pretty sure he is a fake guru. A lying, fake it till you make it internet marketer, who is probably making lots of money from the sheep that gets tricked by his videos and social media posts into buying his overpriced, over the phone, $2500 webinar.

    For example, take this youtube video where he tour his supposedly $15 million dollar penthouse. He probably rented it for all I know.

    If you do your due diligence, using information in the video, you will find that this apartment is in the Three Harbour Green Tower at 277 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, Canada. If you search online for pictures and video of the penthouse, you’ll find that it is much bigger than the apartment shown in his video and with ceilings at least twice as high.

    He is most certainly not filming in the penthouse because his apartment is too small and the ceiling is too low to be the penthouse. This is common sense, if that was the penthouse in his video, it is a pretty pathetic penthouse.

    I like how he doubles down toward the end of the video and says “…but anyway this is the very same penthouse that Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Chow Yun-fat and also Chris Hemsworth, [inaudible] from Marvel have stayed in and now it’s my home.”

    He likes to lie, exaggerate and overstate, the videos are manufactured to sell his course and put money in his pocket. The formula is confidence, mixed with some truth, mixed with lies, mixed with luxury car, house, jewelry, watches. All that creates a very seductive marketing scheme to lure people into buying his overpriced products.

    Here is a listing of a regular apartment in the tower, has the same “ferrari” kitchen design and ceiling height as his apartment in the video.

    And here are pictures of the penthouse

    Given his track record of unverifiable claims and exaggerations, how can you believe anything he say? Truth mixed with lies and exaggerations in order to push products, a fake guru.

    edit: I will give him credit though, Dan Lok is a smart guy. What he says in his video, those concepts that he discusses, are true IMO and he is right. The only problem I have is that I think he’s mixing in some lies and misrepresenting himself, otherwise he seems like a solid guy. Too bad he lacks integrity.

    edit 2: his new video makes it clear which unit he is in. definitely not the penthouse. looks like it is the unit under the unit under the penthouse by counting balconies so there are two units above him.

    Excerpt from Wikipedia entry on “Con Man, Confidence Man, Confidence trick”, you be the judge.

    A confidence trick (synonyms include con, confidence game, confidence scheme, ripoff, scam and stratagem) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust. Confidence tricks exploit characteristics of the human psyche, such as credulity, naïveté, compassion, vanity, irresponsibility, and greed.

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