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People who believe that climate change is a scam, abuse and let their followers humiliate a person that calls them out on the truth about their self-proclaimed success and past business activities when there is virtually none whatsoever comprehensive enough, these persons like Daniel “Dan” Pena are frauds.

Pena acknowledges that global warming is a fraud; however, only fraudulent people know what scams entail.

Before we dig in, let get to know who this man is. What I am about to discuss with you is gathered from several archives that are either drawn up by one of his mentees, admirals and are considered not credible enough to be worth much.

In case you don’t know about Dan Pena

Who is Dan Pena?

Daniel Pena, 74, born August 10, 1945, in the Barrio of East Los Angeles in the United States did not come from a wealthy family (no evidence supports this). He was known because his father was in charge of the investigation on the assassination of John F. Kennedy (there is still no credible evidence that supports this). 

Dan Pena was jailed several times for severely being drunk. When he managed to free himself from this intoxicative habit, he earned a degree in Business Administration San Fernando Valley State College. This, therefore, makes him feel like a guru to talk about making money even when there are thousands of people and books out there that offer the same thing.

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He claimed to have turned $850 into a business worth $450million. He was the CEO of this acclaimed company Great Western Resources Inc., where he left after a decade due to fallout. 

Pena then formed Guthier Group, an independent consultancy firm, in 1997 of which he is the chairman.

Even on Wikipedia that always has a complete profile and information of public figures have less than a two page about Pena. There is no credible enough record of his Great Western Resources company that he supposedly turned into a worth $450 in eight years. 

Even Bloomberg has less information about the so-called Great Western Resources.

Dan Pena

Dan Pena currently owns the Quantum Leap Advantage, QLA, methodology.

I want you to understand that there is no credible enough fact supporting all these claims like I had said before, most of his success is told through the mouth of his mentees looking to give him a little substance. But in reality, there is none and it is high time we accept the fact and stop making him worth something. 

There are other great motivational speakers out there that inspire people to work hard, and all you have to do is work very hard. Therefore, there is nothing unique or peculiar about Pena’s teachings or his methods. 

No evidence accounts for his success. How should you and me then believe that what he says is accurate and follow the ideas? You see people get rich only because they worked hard enough to earn it, no because Pena told them to. There is nothing that he is doing that accounts for his acclaimed colossal success.

For a man who claims to be productive, he knows a lot awfully about scamming, thieves always know where weapons are kept. Dan Pena is one of those liars that come up with gibberish just because they have a cover and people will fall for it.

Here is an incident that gives you an idea of what kind of man Dan Pena truly is and why you should be careful and not be attracted by the weight of his words because they have consequences.

Dan’s Misinformation & Delusions

“Global Warming Is A Fraud”.

During the London Real: People worth talking to, Dan Pena was asked a question about global warming by a woman. The woman was yet to finish her questions before Pena claimed he knew the answer already. 

The woman asked a question about global warming, that is what Dan was going to do about it. She was about to go on when Pena claims he has the answer to the questions. She made comments about not having finished with her question and kept going on. Dan Pena retorted with the comment “Now you are full of shit, sit down”. 

This comes as immature, surprisingly despite his age and unprofessional from a man who is supposedly used to talking to a crowd. Besides, the woman only asked a question, caring for the safety of her children and the rest of us. 

Since he is the man that supposedly seems to know all and a supporter of Trump, there was no harm in asking for his opinion on global warming. In the end, Dan Pen said that global warming was a fraud.

First, he is self-absorbed, rude, bad- mouthed and utterly full of himself. How will someone with a bachelor’s degree in business administration know more about global warming and how it affects us all than scientists? There is no doubt that he gets his ideas from watching too much television.

Simply because he doesn’t believe in global warming doesn’t mean the climate is not changing.

This video has gone viral and many people would have started believing this notion about global warming being a fraud because a man who witnesses an incident in Antarctica and does not believe the findings of a scientist who has been on the topic for a long while. Pena’s comments are dangerous because people will want to believe this due to his influence which will make them tend to do less about keeping the planet safe. This is due to the notion that Pena, supposedly a man of power said he doesn’t believe in climate change. This is one of the consequences of the impact of his words, and we indulge in them. When you and I forget we have to find ways to keep the planet safe, the earth will continue to deteriorate, and at the end of the day, it will not be safe enough for humans to inhabit. What now happens?

Here is evidence that unlike what Dan Pena claimed global warming is real. This is how you will know climate change is currently happening.

The temperature is rising: Earth’s temperature has risen about 0.9 Celsius (1.62 degrees Fahrenheit) since the late 19th century. This change is said to be caused by carbon dioxide emissions and other gaseous emissions, from cars, burning bushes, industries, and it likes. These are proven the fact of global warming and not baseless like Dan Pena’s notion of climate change.

The oceans are warmer: The heat from the sun as a result of the thinning of the Ozone layer is causing the ocean to be warmer. This is a fact that has been proven.

Ice sheets are shrinking: The massive ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are decreasing as a result of the heat from the sun burrowing into them and causing them to melt. One of the reasons why we must be worried about this is because the Antarctic is a pretty vast continent on its own predominantly made up of ice and water with no country within. 

Antarctica is the 5th largest continent, twice the size of Australia. Now imagine if all this ice in a whole continent melts away, the oceans will overflow into lands, where you and I live. Pena does not think about this. You do not just come out and say things because people are willing to listen to you.

Sea level rise: The sea level reported rose about 8 inches within the last century. Nonetheless, this figure is said to be rising increasing, and sea level is continually on the rise.

The glaciers are retreating: Glaciers that covered places like Alaska, Africa, Himalayans are slowly pulling back melting away due to the heat from the sun.

Many extreme happenings: High-level temperature is increasing compared to low-level temperature. There is a lot of events that we can all notice, not just scientist telling us. We can see it in the heavy rainfall, the scorching sun rays that were not typical. These are things that we see and Pena probably sees them and but chose to say whatever comes to mind without realizing a lot of people are watching and listening and are likely to be influenced by the idea and care less for the planet.

There was nothing wrong with answering a simple question and not having to insult and humiliate the interviewer. This is simply because of the illusion that he believes he is worth $50billion through his mentees and feels he rich as such. 

What Dan Pena Does To You When You Confront His Unconvincing Success.

A while back ago in March 2018 a Public Relations student Juan “Verse” Lozano of UF. Lozano confronted Pena and told him his opinion about Dan Pena concocted success and past that was not much tangibly attached to it except the words that come from his mouth.

Lozano concluded that he believes Pena was a fraud. Don’t blame him. Yes, he is probably looking to get a response. Dan Pena instead verbally abused Lozano, going as far as almost assaulting him and allowed his mentees to both verbally humiliate this student and could have attacked him if the student hadn’t been calm about everything.

Dan does not realize the people he is talking to are humans with emotions and not a robot that you can throw trash at.

He does not have regard for people or intends to respect them even if he demands this respect himself. A man like Dan Pena is merely full of himself.

He makes comments like that of global warming with no facts attached to it. He exercises his power simply because he feels he has impacted many lives.

There is nothing special about Dan Pena’s business bits of advice a lot of people have made a note of how you need to work hard to make it. People like Pele, Colin Powell even Dwayne Johnson and Gail Devers know there are no “free lunches” and you have to work hard to be successful.

In 2018 he made comments about how social media was a waste of time, how asking the question about social media being waste was a waste of time to ask and answer. He believes you can do more with your time.

Here is more proof that this man is a fraud. 

Recently on his website, the same person that made mention of social media is a scam somehow now believes social media is a way of connecting and networking with his followers. Imagine?

Dan Pena

What happened to the notion that social media was a waste of time. He uses the same social media to reach out to his followers. 

Why should you believe that he made $400 million in 8years then? You shouldn’t there is nothing that he has said that is straightforward.

Giving people like him the air to speak, puts them in high horses that makes them feel everyone and everything is beneath them. It is high time we stop giving him the attention as this man is a fraud.

He gains followers quickly because most people want to learn the best way to make it in life only to indulge in another man’s words and dreams that he probably could not achieve himself. He is merely making an effort to put the attention of the media on himself, Forbes, especially on the amount of money he has made. There is something fishy and skeptical about him, hence why should people believe a man that has no background except the ones that he gives on his website.

He gives “free” speeches but somehow still calls himself the $50 billion man. What is now the pretense of doing good when you even take credit for it by announcing it to the whole world?

Who says global warming is a fraud, it seems he is only concerned about his teachings and not about the lives of his mentees. When he is all cuddled up in Scotland, I bet he doesn’t know how people like me and a lot of people out there are waiting for the sea to take our homes away.

I look out at sea each wondering “when” not “if” it is going to overcome my home. Scientists say it, but I see it the people around me see it, and someone who is in Scotland says it is a fraud. Yes, Dan Pena lives in Guthrie Castle in Angus Scotland, a 15th-century building how would he know the dangers of living near a water body?

I don’t believe him you shouldn’t believe him too. His ideas feel as though they only work because you put in an effort that when you put that same amount of energy in any other proper business idea out there, you will still make as much as you are making now. He claims to have success stories that can’t be proven. 

Why should you then believe it? Yes, people might say it is old, that is the time he made so much money was in the late 19th century his Great Western Resources company which was founded in 1982 ( Here is another: there is no specific date that indicates the formation of the company. Some quote 1980!)

Dan Pena
Dan Pena

There is less significant event documentation during the world wars until today.

You shouldn’t believe everything he says as because of such he will have a following that believes global warming is a scam, a notion that scientists have time and time again proven and a man with a bachelor’s degree in business studies claims it is not.

Many people claim his free speeches are an example of his generosity and a need to help others, but he sells his book and even gives you a cliffhanger on his website to make you satiate for it. His free speeches are him trying to sell himself and therefore sell his books.

A lot of his followers claim he is sharing his business ideas. How will one know that he knows how to run a business when there is virtually no proof of it? This is a man who is living his dream of believing he is the cause of other people’s successes

If the world needs people to inspire them, it should not be from a man that you can not trust, that doesn’t stand by his worlds, that believes more in his opinion than that of proven facts, a man that doesn’t even regard people and consider how his actions and words hurt others. All these motivate others to follow his lead. A man like Dan Pena should not be a person most people should look up to, because the man is a fluke. 

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A man like Dan Pena should not be a person most people should look up to, because the man is a fluke. If the world needs people to inspire them, it should not be from a man that you can not trust, that doesn’t stand by his worlds, that believes more in his opinion than that of proven facts, a man that doesn’t even regard people and consider how his actions and words hurt others. All these motivate others to follow his lead.

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  1. If you are so concerned about your home being gobbled up by water, I would suggest you move inland. Global warming is a scam and, clearly, so are you. If you really believe that the specs of dust we refer to as People are more powerful than the earth or universe, you are delusional. When was the last time people were able to stop a tsunami? An earthquake? A tornado or hurricane? The Earth runs its own show and we are not significant enough to chart its course. We live at the mercy of Nature, and we do not command it. When we interfere with Nature inappropriately, we are usually the ones that get hurt, not the planet. And, as far as I know, our cars, the use of gas, oil and coal had nothing to do with the extinction of dinosaurs. We are arrogant and full of ourselves, but we are not more powerful than Nature. Get real, Nature is much more powerful than we will ever be. We come and go, Nature stays. People like you are just ticked off that Nature doesn’t want to play your way, as if it should bow to your desire to live near a body of water that could flood you out. Rather than accept reality, you want to blame anything and anyone else for your own foolishness.

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    Pena is right – global warming is a scam. Those that promote responsible carbon footprint live in mansions and own private jets

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    You are full of siiit! You commie climate warming bastart!

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  4. Dan Pena is a psychopath.

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